Oh Yeah! The Kool-Aid Man (DH Concept)

Disney Heroes Concept

The Kool-Aid Man
:star: :star: :star: 3-Star
Role: Tank
Position: Front
Team: Red (Duh)

Bio: The Kool-Aid Man started in the 50’s, bursting through walls to surprise children with his Kool-Aid. In the battlefield, he uses his kool-Aid to help his allies and win the battle.

Entrance: A brick wall is already on the field and the Kool-Aid Man breaks through it holding a pitcher

Defeat: The Kool-Aid Man will drop his pitcher and his smile with turn into a frown.

Win: The Kool-Aid Man will jump up into the air with a little KA falling out of him.

Basic Attack: The Kool-Aid man will splash some of the Kool-Aid from his pitcher at an enemy, slowing them by 5% for 2 seconds.

           “Oh, Yeah!”

White Skill: Original Flavors
The Kool-Aid Man will bring out 5 pouches of Kool-Aid to give to his allies. There are three types. You choose which to give. Each doing…

  • Cherry

Cherry will boost all allies with 20% (Level 1) more attack speed for 5 seconds

  • Grape

Grape will allow all allies to ignore 50% of all damage dealt to them

This effect is lowered if below Level X

  • Orange

Orange will heal all allies by X

Green Skill: Burst Bricks

Whenever the Kool-Aid uses his entrance, the bricks from the entrance will now hit all enemies dealing X (Level 1) damage to them all.

Blue Skill: Kool-Aid spill

The Kool-Aid man will sway himself toward the enemies direction, slowing them by 50% less attack speed and X (Level 1) less basic damage.

Purple Skill: Too Many Flavors

The Kool-Aid Mans White Skill “Several Flavor” now has one more flavor.

  • Apple

All allies will now given 300 Energy

The effect is lowered is below Level X

Red Skill: Ice Cold

Whenever the Kool-Aid man uses “Kool-Aid Spill”, he will also freeze them for 6 seconds.

The freeze won’t work on anyone above Level X


The Kool-Aid Man and Yzma
“Very Strong Flavors”
The Kool-Aid Man’s Too Many Flavors “Apple” will now give them 25 (1 Star) more energy when activated.

The Kool-Aid Man and The Mad Hatter
“Charming Juices”
The Kool-Aid Man’s Kool-Aid Spill will now have a 10% (1 Star) chance to charm any enemy it effects.


Sin Counter

  • Team: Red, lol (-1)
  • Entrance makes perfect sense (-1)
  • Attack Speed may not increase through levels, only it’s effectiveness (+1)
  • Grape Juice - supports enemies. “Oh, yeah!” (+1)
  • The “(Level 1)” note is useless because there is a variable there, so… (+1)
  • “Whiplash” [wrong word] (+1)

Sin Counter: 2

Would probably be more if friendships were included…



Why does this add a sin to your counter?

He used it correctly. :no_mouth:

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A whiplash is an object. I think what @Retro84 means is that the Kool-Aid Man will spill kool-aid onto enemies.

And the Grape juice flavor helps enemies ignore 50% of damage done to them

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Yeah I dunno why I typed that, I meant “Allies”.


Do we need him?
But would it be cool
Oh yeah

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That is rude

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It wasn’t meant it be


“Whiplash” is both a noun and a verb, as you can see from the screenshot. Look directly above the highlighted segment.

Also, you @'d the wrong user. :neutral_face:

Whoops. I can’t edit anymore so… sorry

It’s ok @Phantomstrider, your totally right, I just wanted to make this for fun.

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When did I say that?

But good concept @Retro84!


It was a typo :sweat_smile:


I haven’t been able to edit it

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The hero we all need but don’t deserve.


So…did I say it right or not?

I could be thinking of another word but I think him like, well, whiplash works best. I don’t want him to fall on the floor or something.

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Kool-Aid Man will sway forward, splashing Kool-Aid…

Seems better, thanks @Filadae_Djaq.

As of friendships, I’m thinking of people that make juices, drinks, teas, drinking spells, etc…

YZMA! She is the one

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