Olaf Moana Friendship - Helpppp


I have just decided to invest in Olaf because I saw some potential in his friend disc with Moana (Moana is O1, Olaf is O0 with all four skills max at lv 93)

Everything went well until stage 4 of their friend campaign with the assistance of Zurg, the hero I rarely use. The very first fight of stage 4 consisted the normal-damage block enemy :slight_smile: (Oh, how I hate that guy!!!) and the one who keeps on healing

Every single time I try, I can’t kill them off and they can’t defeat me either… Things keep on going until time runs out

I don’t use Zurg (He is at lv 72, P1, with his four skills: 35-23-3-1)

So long story short, for anyone of you have completed this friendship and/or don’t invest in Zurg, could you please tell me how to spend the least possible gold to upgrade him to help me pass this stage :slight_smile: That’d be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

P/s: @Polaris you used to say that in this game, us players don’t need to upgrade ALL the heroes, just the one we choose to focus on. So why can’t I even complete the friendship of my main heroes? Why do I need to spend my hard-earned gold in Zurg, someone I will likely use again outside of friend campaign? :frowning:

P/s: I don’t have plan on using Zurg :slight_smile:


The creep blocks normal damage and there is a mage in the back healing??

Wellthe mage needs to be killed… Zurg is useful for his fantastic damage and his white skill could destroy both in what hit… Upgrade his white skill so that it deals as much damage as possible. Then when it activates it should be able to clear those two with no problem… Hope this helps.


Thank you. I will try to upgrade his white skill only to some degree :slight_smile: I mean, the whole point of having Olaf is his friend disc :frowning: If I can’t have it…

One more time, thank you so very much :slight_smile:


Turn off Moana’s white skill until she jumps to the back and targets both mage and brute, then turn it back on. She won’t jump if she keeps healing herself.


^^ this. I can’t stand it when people constantly run on auto then complain when they can’t beat it.


I tried that already but because Moana and Olaf are my focused heroes so the enemies can’t defeat Olaf, therefore do no damage to Moana.

I havent used her white skill at all but her HP still remains the same :frowning: Her green skill only triggers when she below 55% HP (with Merinda disc) so i am helpless at this point :frowning:

I even upgrade Zurg white skill to lv 50 but that doesn’t help much either…

Will try again… Hope I will get lucky somehow…


The problem’s not about run on auto. It is that the friend campaign consists of enemies that are too hard to defeat given the available ally.

More over, If your two heroes on the friend campaign (as in my case is Moana and Olaf) are 4 and 3 stars, at O1 and O0, with their 4 skills maxed, still are not enough to pass then I don’t understand. Doesn’t the friend campaigns supposedly mean for just 2 pre-assigned heroes?

Kindly remember, Perblue did say that this game, we players just need to focus on SOME not ALL heroes. But here I am, spend so much gold on a hero I don’t use just to get a disc for my main one. Why is that?


Same thing with my Mickey and Jack disk, i don’t use jack and Mickey doesn’t do any significant damage. So can’t get the disk without at least upgrading jack to P4/O0, and wasting gold on his skill.


The Disc of Mickey and Jack is so amazing… But then again, I don’t use Jack either. So if I want to have that disc, I have to upgrade Jack. Actually, I think Jack has some potential, somewhat more useful than Zurg if you invest in him properly. But that’s just my opinion.

I wonder why they make friend discs of Mickey like this. The disc with Sulley is so disappointing. The one that catches my eyes is the one’s so hard to get…

May be because they know, most of players have Sulley but not Jack?

P/s: Mickey is 1 of my main heroes and I’m gonna unlock his friend disc next but I still wonder what I should go with? :frowning:


Get Zurg’s energy steal skill (can’t remember which one it is). It will keep him primed and shooting off balls of damage.


Just look at this. The success rate for the mission. Freaking 8% even though I have shank at o2 5 stars, Flynn at o0 4 stars, stitch at p3 4 stars and elasti girl at p2 4 stars. All are leveled up above 86 as well as their skills too. Still the success rate is awfully low. So much for upgrading selected heroes.


Elastigirl is really low though…only P2.


Is it something that the main 2 players involved in freindship should be high lvl??


I would think so…promotions, stars and lvls are the three elements.


After leveling up Zurg’s white and purple skills to 70 and 32, I have finally completed their friendship and unlocked their disc :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your help :slight_smile:

@Polaris Please close this thread :slight_smile: because it has run its course :slight_smile: