Olaf too over powered


@Harry_Kane is right, Jack Sparrow in conjunction with other heroes make a great counter for olaf. I’ve seen it.

@Kinokan and I’m going to have to disagree on the Flynn suggestion because he can’t cleanse as often as you might think especially if the enemy team has a Frozone also. Yes Flynn is made to fix these kind of problems but he has terrible energy regen.


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Well you are just crying about the meta, every time that ppl are too lazy to find a way to counter the meta they cry on forum… What a shame


Not powerful, just use good use vs. him.


Said it before there are Jack sparrow teams that counter him in most circumstances


Every melle character useless fight olaf. Only range can do it. To save his aoe white skill. cant create inovation imagination, to thinking fight olaf. His aoe recharge fast, fast hit for standard tank. 3 sec immune damage when he fall. I want to see other character tournamen. Not olaf again , olaf again .is it disney heroes battle mode only have olaf charachter, in arena and colesseumm? No other character???not beautiful . But up to beib .i m just suggest. If not cause 6 month pack. I wont play this game. Makes me bored.thanks


Dont know what server your on but I’m seeing new lines no olaf. Includes hatter etc so again disagree.


New server 18 .u can see. Olaf.in arena and tournament. Verry very type S.


Newer server that’s why


Sparrow is always used with olaf on my server duh


And you cant counter it?


What else is in the line