Olaf too over powered


Well you are just crying about the meta, every time that ppl are too lazy to find a way to counter the meta they cry on forum… What a shame


Not powerful, just use good use vs. him.


Said it before there are Jack sparrow teams that counter him in most circumstances


Every melle character useless fight olaf. Only range can do it. To save his aoe white skill. cant create inovation imagination, to thinking fight olaf. His aoe recharge fast, fast hit for standard tank. 3 sec immune damage when he fall. I want to see other character tournamen. Not olaf again , olaf again .is it disney heroes battle mode only have olaf charachter, in arena and colesseumm? No other character???not beautiful . But up to beib .i m just suggest. If not cause 6 month pack. I wont play this game. Makes me bored.thanks


Dont know what server your on but I’m seeing new lines no olaf. Includes hatter etc so again disagree.


New server 18 .u can see. Olaf.in arena and tournament. Verry very type S.


Newer server that’s why


Sparrow is always used with olaf on my server duh

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And you cant counter it?


What else is in the line


Olaf with jack sparrow. Sorry harry kane. I m wrong say in server 18. I have check my id in server 16 not 18. I m cash payer , always recharge every week and still lose hard?? So $top buy gem again. Ifnot i m vip, and 6 month packet i wont play again. P1 white skill level 60 capt jack sparrow: 3300 damage* 10 = 33.000 damage. Bye and nice to meet u all.only 6 month and bye.


Wow you won’t play the game cause you can’t even try to counter one hero? What a savage, bye lazy player


Wow thats crazy.your frustration against olaf is driving u mad man. He is just a tank that stall the game and revive but his damage his pretty low unless he is in freeze team and deals damage for double freeze thaks to moana disk. Pushback (maui tia buzz and many others have these kind of attacks) and stun (long list) easy neutralize olaf

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Yeah the arena is collapsed with those heroes

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Olaf is only OP with Jack Sparrow on server 16. EVERY team pretty much has them. It’s the easiest win so you cant blame people. Although he shuts down melee toons hard, like Dash.
To me its Jack Sparrow who needs a slight adjustment to his damage. Hes too good. Not fun to use and/or play against considering he has ult level damage in his counter and that invincibility.
Pushing olaf back helps a little bit, but its who is behind him that puts the fork in you. (Violet, Calhoun, Sparrow)

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Learn how to counter them and stop whining

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Why dont you tell this person how?



Actually just destroy all others. Olaf is bad at 1v5.


Easier said than done :wink:


Depends on a mode, I guess. In City Watch Olaf is not a threat at all, it’s vise versa, use Zurg, destroy all others, leave Olaf alone and finish him. Fighting him will grant you more energy for the new round. Other modes…Yes, that’s harder :joy: