Olaf too over powered


I thing Olaf must changed a little bit, the hero is too powerful and everybody’s use him for that reason, is too difficult to defeat and freezes a lot of time to the enemy heroes. A nerf is requested, other wise we were looking Olaf everywhere giving no chance to have a variation of another heroes.
I hope im not the only one that think it.


You’re actually right. Everybody uses Olaf in the arena. But I think it is wrong to decrease Olaf’s ability. I have a Felix with a memory disk with Frozone (Golden Snow Cone). It was effective because Felix freezes Olaf first. Olaf can be countered, players just have to discover it.


Actually Olaf by himself isn’t terrible. His damage is overall pretty lackluster but has decent sustain along with a self revive. Baymax is still equally as good if not better than Olaf in most aspects. The reason Olaf is used so much is because of his synergy with Elsa and Wall-E. Freeze teams are the meta as of now.

As to the counter to said compositions using high reality tanks such as Sally and Hades are great as well as Flynn to cleanse freezes and other high tenacity heroes like Jack Skellington and Moana/Quorra. Aladdin also does some work by bypassing the front line and gets in on the mid-backline easily. Claiming heroes are overpowered simply because they are the flavor of the month or work with the current meta doesn’t solve anything. Play around with different compositions and find what works best for you.


Come on that’s just getting out of hand, so we find hard to deal with a character and the first option is to nerf it… I mean Olaf together with Elsa and wall.E and specially with darkwing on the team seems hard to deal with but there’s many way to go around as pointed out by the others that posted before me and of still not help enough try to use Barbosa (tia disk) Gaston Mickey Mouse (jake disk) moana (Merida disk) and Elsa and you will be able to stand a change but please stop asking for them to nerf him since he’s a new player and is normal for the new ones to look more powerful


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Olaf is strong but I don’t think he needs a nerf. Many people use him because of his disc with Moana allow him to do extra damage to second-frozen enemies.

Without that, he’s not that special.

Anw, when people find it hard to defeat some heroes, please try and find a way to counter that. No heroes in this game is invincible. Even Quorra, DWD or any one.

They could all be defeated :slight_smile:


Instead of asking for a nerf on a toon that is popular, why not just work on your own (same one) and use it against them? When I can’t beat a lineup, that tells me I still have work to do. I obviously am missing something that the other player has. So instead of asking for a stupid nerf, I bust my tail end on my toons! I’ve spent the last 3 days working on Olaf, getting him half way decent so I can use him in arena like the others. Olaf is no way OP. If anything, give him some more! We’ll gladly take it! :joy:


Yep, the best way to counter Olaf is using Olaf😂


I’m not a proponent of nerfing in general. There are always other heroes who could be buffed to create more of a balance if need be. In this case I think Olaf is fine as is. As others have pointed out, it’s his synergy with other heroes that make him so useful. Build up your snowman or find a composition that works. Many good suggestions were offered.


I’m having deja vu… let’s see…

Quorra is too strong please fix…
No, don’t nerf her…
Quorra is still too strong, everyone uses her and I can’t win without her. Please fix…
No!!! How dare you nerf her again!

Be careful what you wish for!


He’s good when you pair him with Elsa though 🥶🥶


Actually this new patch olaf is ok but not OP Jack sparrow and Barbosa can kill him easily


They actually killed quorra unless you have a 5 star disk pretty much


Tbh I think darkwing alot harder than olaf Elsa in many teams.


The Duck is definitely a tough one to beat. And everyone in arena uses him more so than the Olaf/Elsa combo.

If your freeze toons are maxed like your Frozone, Olaf, Elsa and Wall-E… try to against them against the Olaf’s you’re having an issue with. :smirk:


Worst line with olaf is olaf darkwing and Elsa combo


Por gente como tu es que quorra ya no sea tan buena


To over powers I don’t think so yes he’s good but you can beat him try using other heroes against him maybe a little nerf but I don’t think he’s to good


He doesn’t need nerfing its v v beatable


:rofl: I’m deceased.