Old heroes are very much loved and important also

I want to request better access to old heroes. Y’all keep bringing out heroes with crazy moves but I personally feel there should be like 3-6 months dedicated to old heroes. I mean I love my old heroes and use most of them but it’s not easy. So make it easier for we the old members that are attached to our old heroes. Thank you

Just make old heroes available in shops. Even if it’s one hero per month or 2 heroes. Like let’s just get old heroes. We have memories with old heroes too. You can’t just make heroes for them to die along the game cos chips for them are harder. I wish you’ll really see into this. Thank you


Well… old heroes are hard to win with, and new heroes are easier to win with. That’s why shops give chips for new heroes, not old ones.

It’s sort of better this way.


or they could simply upgrade the old heroes to maker them have better odds to compete/beat the newer heros.

Sorry about that. Don’t take offense

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not you :slight_smile:

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Yeah I know. Don’t take offense from what he/she said😊

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