Old shows and game characters

Brandy and mr whiskers from Brandy and mr whiskers
Raven from ravens home and that’s so raven

Sora from kingdom hearts


None of them will come to the game

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While they may not come to the game, just reading those names brought back so many wonderful memories! Used to watch those shows all the time!

I really wish they could add Sora but I don’t know if that’s even possible, maybe they’ll release him around the time the Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC comes out in the winter but idk I’m just rambling lol

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Oh come on

Thanks guys for the support

How a bout Star Wars or any of the exspariment 625
Or Mary poplins

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Only Mary Poppins would be possible out of that list

Reuben I’m not so sure

How about hook from Peter Pan or repunzel from tangled or frolo from hunch back of mirror Dane

Any one from old shows

I haven’t talked about yet

I got her attack’s and entice
Combing out of mrwishkers vegtible car
Blue attack would be girls dont body slam
Her white attack would be whisker whell
Green would be nice looks which charms the merits target

Purple ability would be were rich gives every body energy

Nerist target

Victory would be putting her hand in the shape of an L on her fore head (no reference intended)

Role is back

There’s tons of old fun shows you could talk about. Kim Possible might be coming soon!

How about kozsco from the emperors new school the proud family lilo and stitch the series’s and that’s so raven and sweet life of zack and kody

So do you like the moves

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Got any more ideas

Yes, I like the old shows. I grew up watching them.

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