Oliver & Toad Unlikely Hero Concept

Oliver & Toad

Description: Once an engine meant to be scrap, is now a free tank engine living in the fat controller railway. Oliver uses his new giving chance in life to not only aid his friends in battle, but to give his gratitude to Douglas that save him from the scrapyard and Sir Topham Hatt too have a place he can finally be safe. And with his pal Toad on his side, this engine will never see his fate in the scrapyard again.

Quote: ‘‘I’m a Great Western engine, I shouldn’t have to shiver!’’
Star: :star:
Role: Control
Position: Frontline
Trial Team: Yellow


Entrance: Oliver enter the field looking at the enemy with a confident expression.

[Engine Mode]: Oliver whistle victoriously.

[BrakeVan Mode]: Oliver smile, as Toad laugh happily.

[Engine Mode]: Oliver look angrily at the enemy.

[BrakeVan Mode]: Oliver glare at the enemy-line, while Toad look sad.


Basic Attack: {Passive} Oliver Basic Attacks depend on his mode [Engine Mode] and [BrakeVan Mode]. At the beginning of each Wave, he begins the battle in [Engine Mode] where he enter by himself and then after 40 seconds he switch to [BrakeVan Mode] where Toad appear behind Oliver.

[Engine Mode]: Oliver bump into the enemy with his buffer dealing X Normal Damage.

[BrakeVan Mode]: Toad cheer to Oliver, healing X HP to themselves.

White Skill: Brightful Idea:
[Engine Mode]: Oliver mock the middle line enemies, Applying X Armor Decrease and 30% of Movement Speed Decrease for 10 seconds.

[BrakeVan Mode]: Toad tells Oliver an idea, this causing Oliver to gain Shield with X HP for 15 seconds and make him immune to Debuffs. While shielded, Oliver is Immune to Knock back and Snare. This shield cannot be removed, copied, or stolen.

Green Skill: Empower Wheel:
[Engine Mode]: Oliver wind back and then Bash the front most enemy, dealing X Normal Damage and knock them back.

[BrakeVan Mode]: Toad put on the brake, prevent Oliver to be push and blocking a melee attack. Oliver then counter by weeshing steam at the Attacker, dealing X Fantastic Damage and blinding the enemy for 12 seconds.

Oliver can only block an attack every 10 seconds.

The KnockBack has a chance to fail against enemies above level Y.

Blue Skill: Ideal Snow:
[Engine Mode]: A Snowplow appears on to Oliver buffer, as Oliver look at this in surprise, he then looks at the enemies with a determined look and then drives through the enemy-line dealing X Normal Damage and Decreasing X Reality to the Backline enemy. Oliver also deal X Bonus Fantastic Damage to Frozen enemies.

[BrakeVan Mode]: A fully built snowman will fall on to the enemy-line, dealing X Fantastic Damage and Freezing them for 10 seconds.

The Reality Decrease has a chance to fail against enemies above level Y.

Purple Skill: Respected Shunter:
Every 12 seconds now apply to all Control Role ally, gain Z Skill Power Increase for 8 seconds.

The Skill Power Increase has a chance to fail on allies above level Y.

Red Skill: Unscrapable Engine:
When Oliver uses “Brightful Idea”, an random ally will gain 300 Energy and gain 2 Stack of Hardy.

While he is in [Engine Mode], he gain Z Armor Increase and Precise for 40 seconds to himself.

When Oliver is in [BrakeVan Mode], his Basic Attacks now heal all allies 10% of their Max HP.

• + Z Max HP
• + Z Skill Power
• + Z Reality


[Oliver and Duck]
Description: Duck was happy to see Oliver and Toad back at the railway, as the engine chatted for a while, Sir Topham Hatt came to welcome Oliver and Toad to the railway. As everything seemed to be done, Sir Topham Hatt soon tasked Duck and Oliver of passenger duty, obviously Oliver was a nervous as he does not have experience to talking robot, animal and monster but Duck comfort Oliver that everything will be alright and creature of this city are kind and very nice.

Disk Name: The Passenger Meeting
Disk Power:
• + X Armor to Oliver & Toad and his Allies
• + X Basic Attack to Oliver & Toad and his Allies
• + “Brightful Idea” heals X HP to his allies for 4 seconds.

• After using “Empower Wheel” gain 2/4/6/8/10 Stack of Determination for 15 seconds.
• X Normal Crit

Allies: City of Truro, Percy, Goofy


[Oliver and Bo Peep]
Description: After few years working in the railway, Oliver heroic story of escaping the scrapyard from the mainline was spreading through the city, many of the toys respect the brave and resourceful engine to survive such horrendous fate, but one toy in peculiar was interesting of this and decided to meet this engine.

Disk Name: A Heroic Fate
Disk Power:
• + X Armor to Oliver & Toad and his Allies
• + X Reality to Oliver & Toad and his Allies
• + Support Role ally gains X Skill Power

• In [Engine Mode] every 6/5/4/3/2 of Oliver Basic Attack now apply a random disabled on a random enemy for 10 seconds. Disabled included: Freeze, Stun, Study, Sap, Snare, Shatter and Curse.

Allies: Chip & Dale, Basil, Woody

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