Olympic emoji events

So I was under the impression way read the Olympic emoji events was a new one will be opened each day as event goes in the metals section of the game, not that they be opened for just the day. Which thought was the case more since there was no timer for each medal in the section when looked.

Are they going to be eventually in cosmetic crates if missed a day like did with the elastic girl tornado @Loutre?

I do not think so…

I’m not sure if we would be able to add a timer, but I will ask the team.

We do not currently have any plans at this time to add these event emojis to cosmetic crates.


Will we get another emoji in red team trail? @Loutre

All of the olympic emojis will be earned via red trials

Only two of them will be earned in the other trials

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Wouldn’t the tornado emoji on the first day get out of the cosmetic treasure chest?
Many people were unaware of the description of the event and many couldn’t get the tornado emoji.

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