One big announcement

Hello forum users, I am Prince Tamatoa. I have one big announcement: I’ll be planning a big holiday event during December and near Christmas so everyone can enjoy the ho-ho-holidays! The criteria and timeline of the event and how to join the event and whether it will be held or not depends on everyone’s responses to me (if it’s cutting and hurtful, that’s a NO on the event continuing) and behaviour and the verdict will be released in end October. Till then, please watch your words until the end of the event! (Including me. No exceptions)

I doubt anyone wants to go in-depth on their history with the game and even so they could just make their own topic rather than it becoming lost in here. That is assuming anyone is somehow willing to share that in the first place.

:frowning: The purpose of a forum like this is to allow players to communicate with a sense of anonymity. By asking players to share personal experiences you are breaking one of the main forms of security that the Forums have.

We don’t need to write autobiographies for this to be the case. While we all deserve to be understood this can be achieved without having to write an essay on our own life.


Sorry if I did. It can be just a short summary of everything that happened or maybe big events in the game that you had. Doesn’t need to have everything you experienced. But if you want to remain anonymous, I hope you can empathise with me and understand that change takes time. I’ll learn bit by bit, step by step. And thank you for your help again.

I really have to agree with Piglet on this one.

No offense, but you can learn this anywhere by just getting to know people more and being willing to do that.

This breaks privacy boundaries and asking for this is just silly because there is some stuff that I and many others do not want to share publicly and more willing to share when in PMs and with people they trust.

Not saying I will not do it, but this topic is a bit extreme.

WE ARE MONTHS away from Christmas so there should really not be announcements about this.

My advice to you is to just be nicer and a better person. Try to get to know others without making a topic about it.


First, I say MAY. It is possible that it will not happen but to December is a long 3 months and if I’m pissed off, I may cancel it. This is just for everyone to anticipate and probably be positive. Second, I heard that this is a bit exposing. So I’ll change the post a little bit. PM me if there are things that I shouldn’t mention in the first post before I change it.

Done and done! Is it to your liking @Imagineer_V, @Fellow_PigIet and everyone who is reading this? If yes, I will leave this post as it is now. If no, send me some things to change in the post and I will do so ASAP.

I don’t think this is necessary.

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This is kinda what bio’s are for…


Yeah. But bios probably just don’t talk about yourself enough. But, yes. I see your point.

OK. I re-edited the post so that none of us will post anything exposing. And delete your comments about the story thing.

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