One Kill Vanellope

Once again, I have hit yet another roadblock in my friendships.

My latest Vanellope.

She one kills every single person on my team and dosen’t give a chance to attack at all. Lock, Shock and Barrell friendship with Cheshire Cat has like 15 million team power on them and their 2 million and Vanellope just ignores and knock them down like they’re nothing. Fear friendship with Anger is just a curb stomp not a single person gets a chance to attack.

I know this has been just recently, but can you please just tone her down so I can move on.


Cool story, but no.

Upgrade your heroes like everyone else.


How about raising Ralph or Vanellope?

Also, Power always was a meaningless number. :man_shrugging:

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Not very helpful in a friendship campaign where they aren’t available to be used.


Ah that is true. But those are… problems associated with refreshes.

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You know, with 200+ Heroes so far, unless you use mountainloads of Gold Crates as well as a high amount of Stamina, it’s gonna get harder and harder to manage their Ranks and Stars.

With that said, @Mister_Toon , Power-Ups you receive from Missions are your best bet…at least for me.


Either use mission power ups or upgrade your heroes further.

They both have their pros and cons.

Getting enough power ups may take a VERY long time. However, it does drastically change the tide of the battle.

Upgrading your heroes might drain your stamina and gold, but you will have, as I am hearing, a very overpowered hero leveled up that you can use in the future


I know, I tried to do my Donald and Scrooge campaign and hit a roadblock because Ralph would instakill and my hero’s couldn’t one shot, I also can’t upgrade because I’m only at level 78 and stuck at orange, my only bet is upgrades, which didn’t really make a difference. Keep trying though!

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You know that by spending stamina you gain team levels, right?


Yes but it be really tedious, it takes days just to increase my level without VIP, thankfully, I used a VIP pass so I can power promote

I am at max level and have spent no $ on VIP. Green Flame?

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