Oooooooooof (Predictions)

That’s NOT what I’m doing here.

I think he’s kinda right… with that definition, assumption does not seem like the right word for it… I don’t know of a better one though. Assumption does hit pretty close to what it is though.

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Thx Spaghetti I seldom see your speculations being right wingnut…so why dont we all stay on the safe wird…but I am open for your ideas - but pls provide a source

I don’t want sadness. I want disgust!

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If you checked the the patch notes its undetlrwhelming since we are geeting only 1 charther and its none off the lion king charthers it could mean we might not get inside out charthers

It is a highly requested character so I’ll give that one to perblue.

Disgust is hinted in the Joy friendship mission…I “assume” he/she/* might be in a future update to come :blush:

I mean, Alice cries, and that somehow slows all enemies down.

sorry, but tons of characters are hinted at in dialogue. (including Dumbo, Mushu, and even Swampy and Kermit) Just because a character is mentioned doesn’t mean anything on their chances of them being added.

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