Oooooooooof (Predictions)

So a friend brought something to my attention and I wanted to change something I had previously said. While I do still believe we will get at least Sadness in August or in the next Update, The August Log in Character could Instead be Lumiere or Cogsworth. As noted in the previous prediction they seen to like splitting up sets of characters lately and from recent leaks it seems they will continue this so I think no that Inside Out is wrapping up (Or Over) Beauty and The Beast is the next big thing for August. What do you think?

Out of both cogsworth and lumiere…lumiere has already been confirmed for the game.


I am not sure if any other Inside Out characters are coming. But hoping Peter Pan, Beast, and maybe Belle and Lumiere will come in August

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Lumiere is bit more likely than cogsworth since lumiere was was in the data off the game from the beging along with the beast and bell unlike cogsowrth who was not confirmed

True. But it’s still possible.

I think it would be stupid to not release Sadness.

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I agree, but all signs sadly prove that she won’t come. But who knows… :man_shrugging:


Do you see stacks of “Sadness” in combat icons?

Is that a pun I see?!?

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No, no and no.
It’s make sense that she won’t have “this” buff. Making someone sadder even her won’t be beneficial in fight.
How it will looks like, Sadness will be more and more sad and… cry, lay in ground and keep crying?


No. But stacks of sadness could make the enemies attack without so much might. Making them want to not hit her as hard


Could you like rename your posts ?! Prediction seems an unfitting term.

You are not making predictions but (pretty wild) assumptions…

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You need to look up the definition of the word then. Because you have something wrong.

It seems the Beast will probably be the August Log in.

…they added Megara and Rafiki, I am sure theu can come uo with something for Sadness.

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Alright so final predictions for this update:
The Beast (August Log in)
One of the 2 remaining Lion King Characters
Sadness will come later in August and we will get both Lion King Characters

But spotlight shows only Beast.

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Sadness probaly wont come unless she will come in smaller update in august if she was the sign in hero she would appear in the in the spotlight my prediction for the patch notes tommarow
Simba and nala
Timon and pumba
The beast as sign in hero

Prediction for tomorrows patch notes

Timon and pumbaa
The beast

Assumption - **something that you accept as true without questions OR WITH VERY LITTLE EVIDENCE…

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