OP Baymax (?)

I gotta be honest here…
Because of that latest Stat Refresh (which I honestly adore, and is an awesome improvement) regarding the likes of Baymax, Yax, etc., I couldn’t get past a bunch of Friend Campaign Chapters…even though they were classified as “Easy”!

Nothing against it, I just want them to just tone down a bit, as I was forced to use Power-Up Missions to upgrade and progress (ex. Moana-Merida, Zurg-Hiro).


Unfortunately it seems like this is something the team is not taking into consideration…
These are great don’t get me wrong, but the impact on new players ses to be forgotten


Guess I’ve got no choice but to strengthen them up further, huh? :confused:

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Well, eventually

these and more will get their hero refreshes, so it will get balanced.

Well, there’s your problem!


Well at stage 1 you don’t have a choice of which heroes you use in friendship campaign
So not much people can do at the moment

Not much of loss anyway, they aren’t even good.

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IIRC, my Moana and Zurg are stuck at P4.

You see, I’m just trying to complete Friendship Campaigns, so I have no choice but to make do with what I have.

I had trouble with Baymax even before he was refreshed (but that’s probably because of my low level), and Miguel even more so after his refresh.

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