Open crates

Dear Per Blue please make a button open all or something like that because I have to spend hours to open my crates now… it’s not realistic ! How should i open 23k red skill crates for example? @Loutre @nugget please help!


Gotta agree with this. I only stack up a few hundreds at a time at most and it’s already very annoying


Well, PB needs to try harder to make me spend on a deal with diamond crates that´s for sure! I don´t buy below 35M Disk Power… and would rather like it be more…

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Yes, I agree :100:%

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I think the only reason they are not adding a button like this is because of game quality. It would glitch. A LOT.

I don’t think it’s hard to make at least “open 100” or 1000

But as it seems neither @Loutre nor @Nugget are interested to help or pass it to the devs… :roll_eyes:

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Did you even read the newest patch notes? Go read them.



And where are those buttons? @Loutre @Nugget


Sorry, never mind, disappointments continues. :disappointed:

There really needs to be added slider/open all to all crates, deals have 100k crates, does pb expect us to spend 5h opening them?

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