Orange +2 badges


With 1.6.2 the badge locations on some heroes changed. If a player had all the badges equipped, it didn’t created any issues. If a player had only some of the badges equipped, it would create a situation where the same badge could be equipped twice.

We corrected the badge locations. With the server update today, we will make the following fixes.
For anyone who was affected by this, we will remove the badges from the heroes and return them to the player’s inventory.

The value of enhancements on the badges will be returned through a game mail message, in addition to the gold paid for those enhancements.

Thanks for your patience!


What about the stamina and double drops used to find the badges? Why would I want badges back that I can’t use? This isn’t ok. Refund my resources or refund my money


Badges are able to be used in the near future, as these badges were placed in your inventory.


I can’t use those badges. They can’t be equipped to anything I have. I spent 5000 gems and 10 stamina resets to collect badges this morning that I needed. Not ones that I didn’t. This isn’t ok for me. I’ve spent a lot of money Elliot. I sent on game support tags. Let’s see if we can work this out off the forums.


There is a difference of returning the value and returning all the hard work. What you did is you returned the badge, which is now useless until maybe next update, and you have not returned any hard work. As @Chief_II mentioned, he spent a lot of resources to max out his current roster, now his roster sucks because of the useless badges he can’t use. He worked hard so that he can win in arenas, coli and war, now he’s still the same as he was before.

You should compensate him. He is a loyal customer.


Thanks! We appreciate you providing feedback on behalf of your guildmate.


Well of course I gotta help out my guildmate, that’s how we maintain our guild to be one of the top ones.

It’s not just Chief that’s suffering, there’s more if you look into the chats. I’m merely making a point here. It’s fraudulent as he intended to spend money to max his heros but turns out he spent it for something else which was not what he originally purchased for.

Do you see his frustration now?


What I don’t understand is, perBlue KNEW this was an issue over 24 hours ago, the bonus buy stamina event started AFTER this bug was KNOWN.

The bonus buy stamina event stimulates extraordinary spending to farm badges…so numerous players farmed overtime…only to have those badges switched.

That is a really big error, the compensation of swapping badges and refunding gold on enhancements in insufficient.

A replay of the bonus buy event and diamond compensation as well would be more reasonable.

We don’t spend hundreds to thousands of diamonds on things we ‘might’ need in the future.


@Elliot @Polaris. Hello again the compensation for this issue 5 stamina refills does not resolve this issue.

I farmed badges using my real money to purchase in game currency. Once I acquired the badges. X Y Z. The next day you said nope you don’t need those it was supposed to be badges a b c. After I spent real money to aquire. This is plain fraud.

A satisfactory solution is to give you the 6 badges x y z and you give me the 6 I needed. A b c. If we can’t resolve this I will have to seek other ways to recoup my real money and report what has happened.

If we can be frank I’ve spent enough to be vip 14, maybe one thousand dollars? I’m not sure I haven’t addded it up. We can resolve the issue and you can keep making money off me or we can go down a different path.

Respectfully a loyal player/customer. John H


This is why you should never spend money in this game, I hope they give what you pay for.


Yeah they have shown in the past that they would act like this, so they get what they pay for