Orange 6... Really?

Woww was hoping getting a new color with new ability to reward player that is playing our game daily… insert meme that a dude get thrown through window in a conference room for getting a good idea… Nah lets just put O6 with an un-buyable character…

New color, fine. Orange, red don’t care. But we should never get another ability. That would be madness. Most matches barely last long enough for 2 rotations of the current 4 abilities. Think 4 is perfectly manageable for a game like this.


Looking over DragonSoul, there will be Orange+7 next. Until after that the new color will appear as the color (drumroll please)… Cyan (greenish-blue color). Then there will be 4 more Cyan ranks (til Cyan+4) and then the Red rank will appear. Then DragonSoul died and story is not continued

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Pretty sure you mean DragonSoul and not Dragon Quest :-).
As for the actual Dragon Quest games I am looking forward to Dragon Quest 11 S and Dragon Quest Builders 2 ^^.

(In terms of the thread as a whole) I will say though that I do think there could be a fifth ability, but be a passive boosting one and not be requiring an animation and instead just be in the background. I agree that it is probably best to not have one more active ability as what the game likely already have enough per character.

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I was kind of meaning the same here :raising_hand_man: like just a thing for the daily player that are working a lot on their team!

I forgot the name heh heh

I see and makes sense :-). I am not sure how good of an idea it is though to introduce a new ability at all as it will likely cost a lot to update from scratch for all your main characters. If the ability automatically updates with out any costs as you level it would be nice, but otherwise it will likely be really expensive overall gold wise.

Could also be an non-updateable ability that give an extra effect that’s not tied to a level :-). Something to think about at the very least.

No worries, that kind of misremembering happen to all of us from time to time :-).

Also, Dragon Soul actually went to Orange +8 before Cyan.

Correct, and if they follow the same pattern as DS I think we should see the next rarity colour in badges from O+7.

My server only has orange 2 :cry:

I did not know that. I watched a video of a guy going through his characters and did not see an O+8 character

I guess this means heroes can be promoted to Cyan at level 130