Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch

Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch concept

Stars at the beginning: :star2: :star2:
Role: Control
Position: Mid
Team: Yellow

Entrance: The three witches appear on their cloud-form, then they appear on the ground with other allies.
Victory: The three witches laughs and disappears from the battlefield.
Defeat: Witches becomes mad, second later a tornado appears under them, later they disappear with the tornado.

Quote: “We have made a bargain!’’

Basic attack: The three witches cast a spell on the closest enemy, dealing damage to the enemy

White skill: Unfair Bargains :sparkles: (fantastic damage)
Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch exchange up to 5 random debuffs from allies for random buffs from the enemy’s side, the amount of buffs gained is equal to given debuffs to enemies. Enemies receive X damage per debuff to addition from received debuffs.

If Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch or any of their allies don’t have a debuff, they instead deal X true damage to all enemies and removes 3 random buffs from enemies.

Green skill: Mystical Fog :sparkles: (fantastic damage)
Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch creates a big explosion on the enemy’s side, dealing X damage and leaving a fog in the area. Enemies under fog are immediately applied with 2 stacks of fatigue and receive a random disable which lasts for 8 seconds every 5 seconds, the fog disappears from the battlefield after 11 seconds.

Blue skill: Surprising Appearance
Enemies are scared for the first 6 seconds of each wave, this scare can’t be dodged or ignored by the enemy’s passives or other sources. Enemies with this scare only receive X true damage additionally whenever they receive fantastic damage.

Purple skill: The True Power
Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch are immune to be defeated first if they aren’t on the fight alone.

After 10 seconds, Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch are able to revive most previous KO’ed ally, if no ally was KO’d, they instead fully heal an ally with lowest HP and grants them 5 seconds of invincibility

Revived ally is fully healed, comes back with an extra X armor and with 4 seconds of invincibility.

Red skill: Witches’ Hunts
Once every 7 seconds, an enemy with the highest amount of HP is stolen from 25% of their max. HP, the stolen HP is then given equally to all allies.

Enemy’s normal damage white skills are 35% less effective while they are scared.

The HP stealing has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Additional stat boosts:

+X armor


Madam Mim - Cottage Remake


More Bargains

  • +X HP
  • +X SP to Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch and allies
  • Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch now can exchange 2 more debuffs for buffs from ‘‘Unfair Bargains’’ (+2 debuffs)
  • ‘‘Unfair Bargains’’ deals 15% more true damage (+15% damage)

Ian Lightfoot - Quests For Treasures


More damage from Green skills

  • +X HP
  • +X SP
  • +X damage to ‘‘Mystical Fog’’
  • Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch and allies’ Green skill deals 30% more damage (+30% per star)
  • Allies starts each wave with extra 50 energy (+50 energy per star)

the more soon…


Are they disney?

Yes, check the link from witch movie :wink:

(and for upcoming concepts as well)

I like it :+1:
Also it’s really original

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Please… no…

What a ‘‘no’’, there’s no issue :slight_smile:


It defeats the purpose of Mad Hatter, Hank, or other scare dodgers :unamused:

Scares can’t be affected by Tenacity :neutral_face:

So? A lot of other old heroes’ purpose has been killed by newer heroes. Plus, this is only a short scare, nothing else.

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Which can be dangerous with Oogie Boogie (Ra) :neutral_face:

Aren’t this game mainly about brain and thinking of combos? :frowning:

Like you just did…

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And thinking of counters too :roll_eyes:

Slow comes separately, Hatter will protect from slow.
Leaving only scare.

And even if so, then you have Syndrome (Yz).

And H&D?

Their purpose is only to prevent scares (and studies), and only sometimes, not all the time.

And nothing blocks to remove the scare–

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