Ordinary Magician. (Unlikely Concept.)

The second Touhou Character Concept I make, and of course is Marisa Kirisame, the ordinary magician. I’ll do more Touhou Concepts in the future so if you like Touhou (Or my Concepts) I hope you’ll like them!
Feedback is very appreciated!

Marisa Kirisame Hero Concept.
Marisa is a ordinary magician that likes to… borrow things, she uses her magic to attack her enemies with full power.


“Move and I’ll shoot!!”

Position: Back
Trial Team: Blue
Role: Damage

Entrance: She comes standing in her broom, then sits down on the broom.
Victory: She flies away on her broom.
Defeat: She falls of her broom in a comically way.
Basic Attack: She fires a star at the enemy.

White Skill
“Master Spark.”
Fantastic Damage
Marisa fires a huge laser at the enemies, dealing X damage per second for 4 seconds.
This attacks uses 0.5% of the enemy’s HP as bonus Fantastic Damage per second.

Green Skill
“Stardust Reviere.”
Fantastic Damage.
Marisa shoots a lot of stars at the enemies, dealing X damage per star. Each star lowers enemies reality by X for 5 seconds.

Blue Skill
“Blazing Star.”
Normal Damage
Marisa shoots a Master Spark backwards, Propelling her forward at full speed, dealing X damage to all enemies.

Purple Skill
Marisa steals 1 buff per enemy she passes through with “Blazing Star.”

Stealing a buff have a chance to fail against enemies above X level.

Red Skill
“Ordinary Magician.”
After 30 seconds has passed on the wave, “Master Spark” turns into a Final Spark. A Final Spark deals X more damage per second and uses 5% of the enemies Max. HP as bonus Fantastic Damage per second.

Using enemies Max. HP as bonus damage can fail against enemies above X level.

+Skill Power
+Damage per second with “Master Spark.”

Friendship Disks
(With Kristoff and Sven.)
Campaign Name: Ice Magic.
Friendship Disk: Hakkero of Ice.
Marisa wants to try her Ice Magic on creeps, Kristoff sees her and gets interested in Marisa’s Magic.

+Armor when Frozen.
+Reality when Frozen.

+Every 3 Basic Attacks freezes an enemy for 1.2 seconds (+1.2 seconds per star.)

(With Judy Hoops.)
Campaign Name: Community Working.
Friendship Disk: Magic Circle.
Judy discovers Marisa stealing books from the library, so she forces Marisa to do community work.

+Skill Power.
+Max. HP to Allies.

Marisa gains 5% attack speed per stolen buff with “Borrowing” for the rest of the Wave. (+5% Attack Speed per Star.)

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