Oswald the lucky rabbit concept

Oswald the lucky rabbit

Quote)The rocket is held together with PAINT??

Role) control

Stars) :star: :star:


Position) mid line


Entrance)Oswald walks into battle grumpily as he walks into his position then pulls up his pants similar to cuphead

Defeat) Oswald sits down while hurt
tenor (14)

Victory) Oswald dances
tenor (13)

Basic attack)Oswald zaps the enemy with a remote


White skill⚪
Electronic shock
Fantastic damage :sparkles:

Oswald will shoot a blue laser from his remote to the enemy with the most HP stunning them and dealing x damage until Oswald runs out of energy.

Green skill :green_circle:
Leg toss
Fantastic damage

Every 9.0 seconds Oswald dodges a attack and throws his leg at the enemy the leg then bumps towards another enemy

Blue skill🔵
Rapid energy
Fantastic damage :sparkles:

Oswald rapidly shoots electric at the enemy for 6 seconds

Purple skill :purple_circle:
Luckiest hare

When Oswald reaches 0 HP he redraws himself and gains x HP

The red skill🔴)a cartoony character.

Oswald is now immune to scans enemies who try to scan Oswald will be silent for 7 seconds

Additional stat boost
+Max HP
+Max basic damage
+Max damage to green skill


Oswald the lucky rabbit/Judy hopps

On the hare

Disk-big ears) Oswald now deals x2 damage after he dodges a skill

Allies) baloo,Winnie the Pooh, Elsa

Oswald the lucky rabbit/Mickey mouse

The Disney brothers

Disk-lucky rabbit foot)oswald now heals himself over time after he dies.

Allies)Woody, Cheshire cat,Randall boggs


Hope you enjoyed!

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Oswald sera el nuevo héroe del juego

This concept is amazing

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