Other starter heroes need to be Elastigirl's standards

So far out of the 5 starter characters, Elastigirl holds up pretty well even in mid and high levels.
She doesn’t overshadow the newer damage heroes but she can still be useful in situations.

Yax - KO’s too easily, mediocre heal. Everything hits the back position, Yax gets 1 shotted.
Frozone - Lackluster purple skill, worse cc potential. Dr. Facilier literally nukes and stuns a target.
Vanellope - Laughable AOE damage, really bad damage scaling. Use Ducky and Bunny instead.
Ralph - Suffers from bad overall stats, really bad ability scaling. Great kit, awful stats.

Elastigirl - Simple but effective, can do burst damage, a really powerful friendship disk and a good alternative disk. She scales pretty okay with her abilities and is still useful in some comps.

I mean it really hurts players who really like these characters but has to deal with the fact they’re always be destroyed by power creeping heroes.
(Power Creep - A newer character/card that’s clearly overall better than the other ones.)


At least Ralph gots a new red skill

Ralph still sucks even with the red skill & it takes too much effort to get Ralph up instead of some other more valuable hero. Yax’s heal is actually in the top 3 of healing skills but He can’t usually get it off because of a lack of survivability or energy.


My Yax usually at always KO’s at the beginning or while channeling his white skill.
The heal however can be good… if he doesn’t get stunned while at it.

I think he should get the Rafiki treatment. His white skill grants him massive damage resistance and immunity to disables. But it only lasts as long as his healing duration.

I think He needs his stink cloud replaced with something less trash.

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Helen is good. My main team I use is Bob (Mr. Incredible), Helen (Elastigirl), Violet, Dash, and Lucias (Frozone)

Do not revive dead topics. Also as soon as you get other heroes replace those guys. They are fine for a little while but then drop them. They can become useful later but not as consistent as other heroes.

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