Our guild is growing fast this is a update

Join my guild we’re growing fast

What is it called? And on what server?


I would recomment hosting open heists! That way you can sooner find new members. Most (active) members of the forums already have solid guilds

I’m pretty sure it’s called “stitch4president” and it’s on Server 1. I’ve seen their guild ads a couple of times. :thinking:

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Stitch4president and server 1

Dash also what’s ur level u may be able to join

U prob wont want to actually

I’m currently at the max level on Server 1.

Would u liek to join

We’re a level 5 guild

No. I’m fine in my current guild. Thanks for the offer though. :slight_smile: I hope your guild is successful in the future! :grin:

What’s ur current guild I may know the leader

And thanks man

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Check my profile :crazy_face:

I’m in “Deadly Dragons”

Nice what’s ur name

Oh wait Ik u

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I’ve not joined a guild yet. I’d be happy to!

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What’s ur level dove

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