Our guild needs to kick leader

Our leader has not logged for 22 days. However there are no champions ( whatever they called in this game) assigned. We would like to know how to “take over the guild” so we can become competitive again.

What about officers?

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Leave them that’s the only answer if theirs no officers

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Guild leaders cannot be kicked out of their own guild. If your leader has been inactive for that length of time then any Champion or Officer in the guild will be able to claim leadership.
If there are no Champion or Officers in your guild then the best thing to do is to leave it and either join a different guild or start a new one. The chances are that the leader is never coming back, nobody will ever get promoted and no new guild perks will ever be unlocked.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your guild is essentially dead.


Come to server 1 there is a leader 300+ Days last seen

No, no officers neither. … Ugh

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