Outrider of the Knights of Favonius (Unlikely Concept)

So I got inspired to do a Genshin Impact concept, so here’s Amber. I actually had some difficulties wording some skills so they may be confusing. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the concept! Feedback is appreciated.

Amber is a positive and energetic girl and the only Outrider of the Knights of Favonius of Mondstadt. She uses her experience to battle off creeps with ease.

“Outrider Amber reporting for duty! Just say the word if you ever need my help!”

Role: Damage
Position: Back
Trials Team: Yellow

Basic Attack: She fires 3 arrows from her bow to the enemy.

Entrance: She comes gliding.

Victory: She hugs Baron Bunny.

Defeat: She throws her bow to the floor and sighs in disappointment.


White Skill: Fiery Rain.
Fantastic Damage.
Amber fires a rain of arrows to the enemies’ team, each arrow deals X damage in an area. Enemies hit by the arrows are dealt X damage per second for 4 seconds afterwards.

Green Skill: Explosive Puppet.
Fantastic Damage.
Amber throws Baron Bunny to the enemy’s field. Enemies prefer to target Baron Bunny when it is in the field. Baron Bunny has X HP, and when its HP depletes to 0, Baron Bunny explodes, dealing X damage in an area.

Baron Bunny also explodes if it isn’t defeated in 12 seconds after Amber throws it to the field.

Blue Skill: Flaming Arrows.
Fantastic Damage
Amber sets her arrows on fire, making her basic attacks deal X more damage and deal fantastic damage. Amber’s flaming arrows also deals X damage for 7 seconds. If Amber hits an enemy that has a damage overtime with her flaming arrows, she gains 40 energy.

Purple Skill: It Burns!
Amber gains 25 fantastic crit per enemy with a damage overtime effect.

The fantastic crit gained is lower if the enemy with a damage overtime is above X level.

Red Skill: Every Arrow Finds Its Target.
The third arrow from Amber’s basic attack shoots two arrows. The second arrow is in fire and targets the enemy with most energy. The damage of the fire arrow is based on “Flaming Arrows.”

When Amber crits an enemy with an damage overtime effect, she gains 15% attack speed for 15 seconds, this can stack up to 5 times.

Gaining attack speed from crits may fail if the enemy crit is above X level.

  • X Basic Damage
  • X Skill Power
  • X Damage to “Fiery Rain”


Amber and Merida
Description: Merida and Amber have a competition to see who’s better at managing a bow and arrows.

Disk Name: Anemo Balloon.
Hitting Baron Bunny with Fiery Rain creates a strong explosion.

Disk Power
• + X Skill Power to Amber and Allies.
• + X Damage to Fiery Rain.

• If Baron Bunny from “Explosive Puppet” is hit by “Fiery Rain”, it generates a strong explosion that deals 20% more damage and pushes close enemies back. (+20% more damage.)

Allies: Hank and Dory, Olaf and Maleficent.

Amber and Honey Lemon
Description: Honey Lemon uses Amber’s powers to set her arrows on fire to test some experiments.

Disk Name: Burnt Flavor.
Two Baron Bunnies.

Disk Power
• + X Max. HP to Baron Bunny
• + X Max. HP

• Amber throws two Baron Bunnies with “Explosive Puppet”, the second Baron Bunny has 20% of the original’s Max. HP and the explosion deals 20% of the original’s damage. (+20% Max. HP and Explosion Damage per star)

Allies: Elsa, Megavolt and Gerald, Marlin and Nemo.

Which Disk is better?
  • Merida’s Disk
  • Honey Lemon’s Disk

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Yes! Thank you! I love this!

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