Pacha is overpowered

Would really like to see Patcha getting fixed too many times where I should have defeated opponent, I can tell because I am doing -1 damage and Patcha is doing ‘The Special’ animation for regeneration of health and shield and he won’t go down. He will then come back and defeat my 4 heroes. Yes its nice when Patcha is on my side but still would like to see a balance or a fix to the health bar being completely empty and animation combo for Patcha’s ‘The Special’ skill

If you can stun Pacha during the animation (same for Charm when alone or Silence) he stops doing it, does not heal and dies.

Trying to beat him without disables is screwed.

cries in Trial event.

another thing is snare, I used to have trouble killing Pacha, but now he is less overpowered because I use Aurora and he is easier to kill for me, but I do have Aurora’s red skill also.

You can also remove buffs with several heroes, Randall for example, so his max hp can be checked.

Are you sure you’re not doing something wrong? Never had an issue defeating Pacha, he’s actually fairly weak

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