Pacha's mission with kronk

For pacha’s mission with kronk I’m just trying to complete it, but for enemies they should be able to beat for sure when kronk drops them through a trap door they never walk back onto the field and pacha keeps attacking with his wheelbarrow attack yet doing no damage and the time runs out. I level kronk secondly but I feel like I made a mistake there.

You are probably to the point where Kaa joins the team. He is probably snaring the enemy off screen cause of Kronk’s trap door. Don’t know why they don’t take damage from Pacha but they just don’t die. The way around it is to just drop Kaa off your team when you attack (I assume you know that only the main hero and friend have to participate in any friend Champaign battle). If Kaa isn’t in the team then he can’t use snare and mess everything up.

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I ran into exactly this problem myself; as soon as I dropped Kaa from my team, I could beat that level. Definitely worth trying this before leveling up Kronk further, or spending weeks farming friendship powerups.

And a video demonstration

Ok, I finally completed the mission without kaa. It did still take many power ups. But it’s done.

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