Pairing Ursula with who?

Hi, I am currently upgrading my Ursula. However I’m a bit confused which heroes that pair nicely with her? Do you guys have any formula for Ursula’s team?

P. S. I’m not using Quorra.


Ursula has 2 friend discs, and the one with Tia allow her to have extra stamina from the start subject to the number of control ally.

So, if you have more than 1 main control hero, you could consider that. Because the reason people use Ursula in my opinion is her white skill :slight_smile: and many people use this disc

I actually think her disc with Hades is better but then again, I use neither of those heroes so… the choice is up to you


Like previously said, People uses ursula primarely for her white skill, that is why her Tia disk is mostly played and should be considered to also star up.

Me myself run her with two other control allies, one always being Wall-E since he can get off Ursulas white skill even faster and Maleficient or Tia, depending on what you want from your team (i prefer maleficient) .

As for a tank im using baymax since he can guard up ursula (and others) so she wont die before gettin her white skill off.

As for a dps toon, id say go with ones that have great precense, they are the meta attackers like Moana, Quorra, Scar etc. Im Running Darkwing Duck since he counters dominating toons such as Baymax, Moana, Quorra.


Moana/Mi, Ursula/Ha, Tia/Ya, Wall-E/Da, Kevin/Ba

This set up can mostly block team with 20k more power, any shield team, Quorra team and cc team wouldn’t be a problem, ideally Moana should stay at O2 for the reservation badge boost, the biggest counter is Scar, he can kill Moana before she can use her first white skill.

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I do like Ursula and it might sound wierd but if you want to match it on power scar or gaston

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I would say ursula and jim hawkins

He lets everyone start with energy and is energized which means her white skill comes out faster​:grin::star_struck:

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