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Pal MAX is a simple helper bot who will help allies and disable enemies.

“Greetings, Humans.”

Stars: :star::star:

Role: Support

Position: Mid-line

Basic Attack: Using their levitating cannon they will push back enemies.

White: Human Fun Pods

The Pal MAX uses its levitating cannon to capture a enemy and put them into a Human Fun Pod, once the enemy is in the pod they fly out of the battle for 8 seconds, once the enemy returns they are dealt X damage and become scared for 9 seconds.

Green: You Will Never Survive!

At the beginning of each match the Pal MAX shows enemies a possible scenario of them losing through a hologram causing all enemies to become scared for 10 seconds and sapping the nearest enemy for 7 seconds. This skill will also activate each time a ally is defeated.

Blue: Order Follower

Each time an ally reaches 50% of their Max HP the Pal MAX goes to their aid increasing their armor by X and applying a shield to them with X HP that lasts 12 seconds. Pal MAX can use this only twice on each ally.

Purple: Capture The Humans

Enemies who are scared by Pal MAX have their attack speed reduced by 75% for 7 seconds.

Red: Advanced Technology

Allies who scare enemies will gain 2 stacks of hardy, each time Pal MAX scares an enemy Pal MAX will gain X skill power.

+Z Armor
+Z Max HP
+Z Damage from “Human Fun Pods”

Friendships / Disks

Pal MAX - Hiro Hamada

“Stronger Performance”
Allies shielded by “Order Follower” will gain X reality and skill power.
+Z Armor

Pal MAX - Eve

“Advanced A.I”
Enemies scared by Pal MAX or allies will gain a stack of fatigue.
+Z Reality

This was a quick concept I wanted to make so I hope you enjoyed reading, after this I do have some likely concepts planned so stay tuned for that! Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::+1:t4:


I did enjoy reading this. :grin:

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The Mitchells Vs the Machines is a Disney Film?

No. It’s an unlikely concept.

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