Papyrus Hero Concept

Papyrus, :star: :star: :star:, Damage, Frontline.
Team Trials: Red.
Quote: “Nyeheheh.”
Bio: This skeleton has a taste for spaghetti and is always ready for action.
Entrance: Papyrus strolls in.
Victory: Papyrus dances.
Defeat: Papyrus falls to the ground.
Basic Attack: Papyrus punches an enemy, dealing X damage.

White Skill: Bone-Shower.
Fantastic Damage✨
Papyrus summons a storm of bones in the sky, and 5 bones fall on an enemy, dealing X damage and stunning that enemy for 7 seconds.

Green Skill: Frozen Spaghetti.
Normal Damage✊
Papyrus throws a plate of frozen spaghetti at an enemy, dealing X damage and silencing that enemy.

Blue Skill: Bone Bash.
Normal Damage✊
Papyrus will throw 3 blue bones at an enemy, dealing X damage and silences the enemies.

Purple Skill: Glow Of Bones.
Bone Bash deals 55% more damage and after used, Papyrus is granted with a shield that lasts for 6 seconds.

Red Skill: Second Bone Siren.
Bone-Shower deals 75% more damage.
-Attack increases by 55% for 20 seconds.
Speed increases by 65% for 15 seconds.

Friendship 1: Papyrus and Sans.
Campaign Story: Music Lessons. “Papyrus is teaching Sans how to play the trombone.”
Disk: Hit It!
Frozen Spaghetti deals 65% more damage.

Friendship 2: Papyrus and Flowey.
Campaign Story: Nice Friend. “Papyrus is showing Flowey how to be a good friend.”
Disk: Friendship Hurts.
Basic Attack has more chance to do critical damage.

Extra Bonus:

This Sans funko pop.

And this Frisk funko pop.

If you enjoyed this, that’s good. :slightly_smiling_face:

The great Papyrus would like to order some milk!


yes, yes he would.


How’s the RedGelatin concept going? (I’m not rushing you)

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