Patch Notes 3.8.02

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 3.8.02

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 3.8.02 Update! This release features some bug fixes following the 3.8.01 update.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where a Namaari vs. Namaari battle in Chat Spar would result in neither hero attacking the other.
  • Fixed a bug where Kronk using his Pull the Lever skill on Davy Jones’s Dead Man’s Chest would result in Davy Jones remaining Berserk indefinitely.

This is a full app update that is currently planned for today, April 8, 2022.


so fast!


Update is on google play…

It should be available everywhere, but Amazon. We’re going to have it be forced on Monday, but it’s there now to update.


Not on apple… yet, but that takes time.

Is there a new character for the next update

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If you are going to do bug patchs at least do a lot of them at once.

It takes a while to finish bug fixes and these were one’s that needed to be done quickly especially in a PvP setting. When we do fixes like this we call them hotfixes.

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