Patch Notes 4.0

@Loutre so first unrefresh then refresh back? :thinking:

Anyway, are there confirmations about when the anniversary events will start or not known yet?

Special Invasion?

It is due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


It was not supposed to be live yet as it had not been finished.

As said in the post,

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I suppose no words can be given about the rest of the post, right?

EDIT: Nevermind.

Wow now that makes sense glad I’m not from Russia

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Well you can obtain the app in different ways still…


Yay Snow White is here!

Too bad I’m like 30 levels behind and it’s impossible to level up new heroes on S18 without spending hundreds.

But if they can fix the level cap issue I would love to use her!

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I can’t wait till the 4.0 update next month :hugs:

Alright, so that is not the whole mickey and friends collection! We still need daisy duck
can you please add daisy duck for the 4th disney heroes anniversary

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Will be there a new loading screen like usually with .0 updates?

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Aw I’m sorry about that… your concept was amazing! When are you posting the next concept? :smiley:

Let’s go! Snow White is here!

So excited Snow White is out :tada::tada::tada::tada:

Well yeah you just can’t delete it if anyone is living in Russia

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I mean I understand why but that’s kinda unfair to Russian players who have nothing to do with the current events.


Bruh okay.

Don’t understand why this is so great. I have him 6 stars with over 270 remaining chips and no shortage of red skill chips. He’s old enough most of us have him reasonably leveled already or could if we wanted to. Stat boost is great, but prize wall, was this really necessary?

Missing Shego’s white unable to hit Shank… bummer.


Wasn’t syndrome just in the CW shop? Wouldn’t it make sense to do a refresh/special prize wall on a toon that’s been ignored for a long time?


This means the app will also become unable to update, right?

@Loutre Is this for all heroes with extra allies?

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