Patch Notes 4.0

Everything is removed from Russia because of what they did. Like movie studios stop putting films in Russia.
I think you all know what russia did.

“Russia” didn’t do anything, their leader commanded his army to do it. Obviously it’s terrible nonetheless.

In the grand scheme of things, preventing Russian citizens from updating a Disney mobile game seems like
nothing more than virtue signalling… unfortunate, but I suppose this is probably directive from Disney :man_shrugging:


Aumenten el número de misiones porfavor!!!:pray::pray::pray:

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Looks like we have the first official Disney princess to join the league. It’s great to have her join. I think the 7 dwarfs would be a great addition to be included at some point.:wink:
Interesting to see Syndrome having a refresh. It’s also cool that he’s featured in the prize wall.
And did Mickey & Friends just start a collection?! Holy cow! This is amazing!:+1:
And I can’t wait for next week!:star_struck:
About time to wish a happy 4th anniversary!:partying_face:
Until next time, Heigh-Ho!:musical_score::musical_keyboard::violin:


Most of the Princess are on the Blue team

And the only ones left to come are Tiana (Red Team) Cinderella (Blue Team) and Arora (Yellow Team)


Do Russian ppl who still plays the game get their spended money back? @Loutre


Snow White and Cheshire Cat? :thinking:

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Yeah because Snow White can talk to animals and I know there are a lot of animals in the game


Thank you @Ozi_swag !

I like her, I like her skills, and as she’s a Prize Wall hero I may be able to afford to work on her. Definitely something I’ll be considering carefully…

That was fast. I wonder how the final refresh will compare to the leaked one. Also, a bit odd to see a stat refresh in a .0 update, but I’ll gladly take it.

I really like this idea, and hope it’s used in the future as well.

Looking forward to it, and hoping for a good buff.

For one of my accounts, I’m starting a new Diamond Quest tomorrow; for the other, it’s scheduled to start a few hours after the 4.0 update. You win some, you lose some. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And José “Zé” Carioca.

If you don’t plan to work on his red skill, probably not. If you do, no amount of hero or red skill chips will ever be enough.

Yes, but now that he’s getting a stat refresh, there may be people interested in him who ignored him before, and this wall will help them out.

Though I’d really love to see such a prize wall for the Mad Hatter. And Colette, and Elsa, but mainly Mad Hatter.


Snow white I’m hyped for!

…but syndrome? …why? He’s not that good so why is he the first one to get special treatment?

Nice! I can’t wait for the Dwarves to start making appearances too. The Evil Queen has been alone for so long. Not that she’ll enjoy the company. Excited for the anniversary announcement!


Psst. That’s the point.


I hope her good friendship disc is with Ariel, as she’s the one I’ve raised up most.

If her good disc is the other one, well, another campain added to the list of ones I can not do. :sob:

That’s what I was assuming! And it really is too bad.:disappointed:

Yeah for everyone that’s Russian

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Well, 3 more princesses to go and we will have a full collection.




Where? I don’t see it here?

Anyway happy to see Snow White always wondered how you’d pull her off!
Here’s to happy 4th anniversary and many more!


We kinda got a sneak preview of it a week ago, when they accidentally turned it on early. Makes him much more useful than he currently is.

So happy that my second favourite Disney princess is finally coming to Battle Mode, it’s gonna be a dream come true to finally see her in my team with Jim Hawkins, Ariel, Jafar & Alice. I can’t wait to unlock her. I’m also excited to see her friendship with Ariel.

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