Patch Notes 4.3.10

We are waiting to see if we can get you more info on the stats. Please be patient and do not ask multiple times.


Why didn’t he get damage capabilities? With his refresh like removing notes causes x amount of damage or something

Since that was revealed…


But, did Disney requested to make Pooh’s characters smaller? Seems a bit radnom. :thinking:

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I’m going to guess a yes. Because this sounds more like a demand of them.

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Disney requests and approves all scaling.


It has been 3 months since you guys removed sign in heroes to work on improvement on the game…and yet, we see nothing :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

When will these so-called improvement come? We are tired of waiting… especially with his insanely unbalanced economy right now @nugget @loutre


I already imagined that Jack Skellington would be one of his friendships, but Dr. Drakken?

Because not every character needs to deal damage. Kermit and Joy are perfectly fine, for example.

I would like to imagine it involves Drakken being forced to comply with City bureaucracy in order to build an addition to his secret lair or something like that.

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Don’t forget the friendships rework to reread the main storyline and side stories.

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@Nugget We will have another Halloween character?

Love the Mayor coming and especially the Miguel REFRESH!!! :tada:

Of course we’ll get the mayor and I said I wouldn’t be happy about this but I’m glad we’ll gonna get the nightmare before Christmas collection

Nice! We’ve have the Mayor from The Nightmare Before Christmas! That’s cool!

Doc Holliday and Spaceman Spiff.

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A gambler/gunfighter/dentist and Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes?

I am surprised that the mayor shows up. Can’t wait to get him on the 13th!

… That was sarcasm.


Dia de los Muertos, I guess…


Is Princess Aurora staying event exclusive, too? Or will she be moved somewhere?

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