Patch Notes 4.3.10

Oh man, a lot of things are going to happen at 13th of October. Anyways, I can’t wait to have the mayor!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

No. It’s the Mayor!

Did Disgust 3 seriously make another alt?

They were suspended? What did they do now?


Is Voyd freed from Diamond Crate chains?

What we can share for Miguel. Full number stats you will need to wait until he is updated ingame.



  • Miguel’s Healing Notes now targets the Hero with the least percent current HP
  • Miguel’s Healing Notes now heals for a percentage of the Hero’s Max HP per second
  • Miguel’s Active now heals himself and allies HP per Healing Note they have
  • Miguel and his allies now can have a maximum amount of Healing Notes applied
    • These Notes last until the end of the Wave unless they are cleared


  • Miguel now targets a Damage Role ally with the least amount of Skill Power to grant his Sharp Note

    • If no Damage Role ally is available, Miguel will target the ally with the least amount of Skill Power
  • When Miguel uses Crescendo, Heroes with Sharp Notes will gain Energy and have their Skill Power increased per Sharp Note on them for a duration in seconds

  • Miguel and his allies can have a maximum amount of Sharp Notes. These Notes last until the end of the wave unless they are cleared.


  • Miguel now targets the enemy with the least amount of HP to apply a Flat Note
  • Miguel’s Flat Note now also reduces their Reality and Attack Speed
  • When Miguel uses Crescendo, enemies with Flat Notes are Frozen for a duration in seconds and receive a reduction in Armor and Reality per Flat Note on them
  • Enemies can have a maximum amount of Flat Notes and these Notes last until the end of the wave unless cleared

Uplifting Music

  • Increasing allies’ Max HP per Healing Note with Crescendo lasts for the entire wave and no longer has a chance to fail on allies
  • Miguel and allies begin each wave with more Healing Notes
  • Heroes can have their Max HP increased by this Skill up to a maximum percentage per wave

Memory Discs

  • Frozen Melody

    • When Miguel or his allies are Frozen, they gain a Shield for a percentage of their Max HP for a duration in seconds
    • Enemies now lose Reality if they are Frozen
  • Lost Dog Found

    • Miguel and allies now gain Armor and Reality per Level
    • Miguel and allies gain Basic Damage, Movement and Attack Speed per Note on them

And this means removed by enemies, right?
Not from his own skill anymore?

Everything else sounds… really great now, if different notes can stack independently it’s great

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Yes, he doesn’t clear them anymore.


Why though?
He does no damage?

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the healing from Crescendo has always been based on his Basic Damage, so I’d assume that to continue (and it’s for allies too)


Thanks :blush:
Now it’s much more understandable and clear.

And it looks like purple skill has no changes, huh?

For real?!
Well, then, Miguel will be finally use-able for pvp modes. Nice!

Passive part scales by this… oh but…

Which means it does nothing to him, just like to Joy.
So Miguel and Joy needs their battle badges changed.

That’s great to see…

… but this not, unless it’s 200% like Bagheera.

But it heals now by a % of ally’s Max HP so?

You know you could put all this in the patch notes to begin with right? That’s kinda the point of patch notes.

If they had been approved for patch notes at the time we would have had them in there.


Is it possible to edit them now, mainly for people which only read patch notes, and not the comments? :woman_shrugging:

Then wait for approval first before posting. I’m sure you’d love not having to answer repetitive questions about stats.

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No, we will be keeping them in the comments here.


If okey, could a link to the detailed overview of Miguel’s refresh be included in the patch notes like to make it more accessible to find and see the detailed overview? :-).

Not necessarily everyone will scroll down the comments afterall, so thought I ask if okey.

You do know ban evasion is, itself, a bannable offense, right?



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Just what I was thinking.

He’s a politician. He’s just using some favors.

In this game, don’t we love it now? Everybody’s waiting for the next surprise!:musical_note::musical_score:
This is scarily awesome! Not only the mayor gets to arrive but now an entire collection of the Halloween classic is here! I thought about him sometime. So worth the wait!:+1: We’ll see if Dr. Finklestein and Zero could possibly join as well.
Miguel’s refresh sounds nice while still waiting for Judy’s at some point.:mantelpiece_clock:
This is going to be a very spooky one and I certainly can’t wait to get this Trick-or-Treating ready!:jack_o_lantern: :ghost:

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