Patch Notes 4.3.11

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 4.3.11 Update! This release features some bug fixes following the 4.3.10 update.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where heroes with Revive would not revive and instead get KO’d

This is a full app update that is currently planned for today, October 13, 2022.


Great! This was a needed fix. :+1:

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Salamat! (Thank you!)

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Is the update already on the server? I updated something, but nothing is fixed. Some of the characters’ friendships broke down. let’s say jafar doesn’t use whirlwind at the beginning of the battle. friendship between Jafar and Scar.


Of course we’ll get bug fixed

After the update, I’m pretty sure that I’m still seeing the same revive bug. My Angel just stood there in the battle and then afterwards, it was shown she was dead.


@Nugget @Loutre the revive bug is still there has not been fixed Randal still doesn’t revive nor does anyone else


It’s being looked into by the team!


It was good while it lasted.

thank you perblue! My Hades why dying IMEEDATLY

Not too long ago I noticed heroes like Judy Hopps (my strongest hero) and others with that revive KO immediately and yet still standing, I knew it this was a bug in the first place. Not long after, when I updated the game, I still noticed the same thing. Something seems a bit off…:face_with_raised_eyebrow: very strange.
Also when I looked at Mayor’s skills, I’m a little confused.:thinking: Probably because since he’s a support role hero, he’s a bit like Joy, Miguel, & Kermit. Is there something wrong there, or is it just me? I’ve no idea.🤷🏻

Smart move, but I’m still glad I found it during the Pete/Minnie Campaign and breezed through the end. I’m obsessed with completing friendship campaigns, but I also have other priorities when it comes to my resources. I should feel bad, but my team “destroyed” a level containing two Sallys and a Hades.

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I’m sorry but the bug wasn’t fixed


Bug na Arena e no Coliseu personagens que Revivem continuam na tela do jogo mesmo depois de serem mortos

A little rude, calm down please.


It seems that the bug is not fixed. Why do you think @Nugget

Shouldn’t this be locked already?

I suggest you guys invest in some testing mates… Because it’s called a regression and even after the patch it’s still here.

Cant seem to log in some kind of problem.

Look at the Out of Office note they sent earlier. Looks like they are updating the system for tomorrow’s cap raise

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