People not Participating in heist after they join (going AFK)

I just wanna talk about people who either join heist and AFK,so they can get the rewards or people who create heists and then AFK. I think there needs to be punishments on people who do this such as vetting no rewards and still taking a heist ticket or free daily heist. Repeat offenders should be banned for a period of time. This can be annoying if you create or join a heist and there are 2 or 3 people just AFK. This means that gems can be taken easily and you can lose out on rewards. As there is no punishment for doing this people will continue to do so,therfore this needs fixing soon as it has been long enough since heist was released. Thanks for Reading
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I think i should have put this in feedback instead but too late now

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There’s a kick button that the host can use when players go AFK


Banned No punishment No, don’t join random heists go with friends or guild mates.


That’s what I do, I usually do a heist with all my guild mates

Depends on who is online at the time and they might want a higher difficultt heist.


Great spelling by myself.

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The only AFK issue these days is hosts who leave halfway through. We really need an option to majority vote-kick the host or assign a new host if the current one has been idle for more than, say, 2 minutes.


Yes, i agree, something needs to be done towards the hosts who go AFK

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There have been lots of posts about this. I’ve even laid out a few suggestions on how to fix the problem and so have many others. Haven’t seen a single reply from the team yet on them looking into fixes.

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Pero cuando el que deja la partida es el que creó el robo ???

I ran into exactly this today! I needed to get it done and one was just set up and some of my best characters could be used, so “great!”

But once I got on the map I saw the host had not even moved one hero. 5/10 saved by the end because I was solo until the last thief fight when some other random players joined.

I messaged within heist and got no response, and the “connected” green dot was next to the hosts name the entire time.

Not sure what the right course in my situation is because I bet the player was in another game mode, like Surge.

Maybe more than 2 minutes in my experience I have to get up during Heists and I’m offline for a little bit but still come back it might not be actually fair

I’ve seen a lot of ppl go afk in heists and then they end up going afk and having their valuables stolen after starting up the heist and then end up losing their own heist so apparently the only way to remedy the problem is start and host your own heist and catch ppl that aren’t doing anything other than guarding, reviving from KOs, waiting for reinforcements to come, and getting energy, but leech off the rewards and give them the kick. I did say about my concerns when the kick function was released and then said if the host were to be afk, then there’s no way to kick other players out. There should’ve been a vote kick, at least 1~5 votes to kick a player out. if host, then someone else active has to have the heist lead that can normally kick other players out and continue on with the heist without the host. It’s true that ppl that are afk are taking up a slot, but they may end up losing the heist on purpose for that. If you see the host and some other players aren’t moving, it’s best to find an active heist or host your own.

if one player is AFK, then just boot then, yeah, if that means they loss a heist ticket, its not your job to carry their dead weight and your loss caused by them

I sometimes do that and that’s only when I start doing one but I need to get off for chores or something. I hate when people do that it’s so annoying

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