People not playing as a team in heists

Love playing the game but after completing a heist this morning I found someone kept doing all the fights before anyone else had a chance and because of this we weren’t able to complete it.
Is there a way that we can find out who started the fight with the thief so that they can be kicked by the heist leader if they are not playing as part or the team? And blocked from joining future heists I host?


In the wise words of @Lord_Skellington . . .


On older servers participation in guilds is so bad that it leaves you to that only, public heists.
Even in the pseudo revived S5 its difficult to find public heists in the first place if you’re in a semi active guild. Oh yes, a semi active because so many peoole left the game when S5 was deserted for months and all your old heist buddys simply doesn’t play anymore.

Dear Kitty, it gets better. Usually in 1 out of 10 heists there’s such an idiot as you described. Heists are a time grab and people usually want to get over it fast without stupid shananigans. With experienced randoms heist works ok 90% of the time.
I don’t think it would help to track people in an attack list like in war. I know it’s not cool how some people play heists. Just forget it and move on.

I’m on server 8 and I find public heists aren’t too bad. Some people go AFK but many people don’t. But yeah, if you’re having many problems just do private ones.

I’m on server 19 and in the only British guild as most of the others were pretty inactive when I was online so I opted to join the British guild but a quite a few haven’t unlocked heist yet so stuck on public heists until more guild members level up. Just seems like there should be a option to block certain people who you deem aren’t team players. They may find a good team for them elsewhere but it’s just irritating lol. Guess I just needed a vent haha

Well, the person that started the heists can kick people. But sometime they go AFK or get to “kick-happy”. Or people don’t listen to strategies or rules, like don’t pull heroes off diamonds.

But maybe there can be a vote in heists to kick a person out.