Pepa Madrigal: Hero Concept

Quote: “Clear skies, clear skies…”

Pepa uses her weather gift to control her enemies

Stars: 1
Role: Damage
Team: Red
Position: Mid
Entrance: Pepa stomps into battle with a cloud over her head, which she shoos away
Victory: A sparkling rainbow appears above Pepa
Defeat: A rain cloud appears above Pepa and drenches her with rain
Basic attack: Pepa blows a gust of wind

White skill: Married in a hurricane
Pepa gets frustrated and makes a hurricane over enemies, dealing x damage

Green skill: Looks like rain
Pepa creates thunderclouds over enemies. Rain falls out and applies Blind for 5 seconds

Blue skill: Snowstorm
Pepa makes a snowstorm over enemies. This applies Frozen to enemies with over 50% hp
remaining and deals x damage to enemies with hp lower than 50%

Purple skill: Lighting
When Pepa uses Looks Like Rain, a lightning bolt shoots out of the rain cloud and deals x damage to all enemies

Red skill: Replenishing Rainbow
When Pepa falls below 15 hp, a rainbow appears above her, healing her for x hp and Cleansing her


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