Per,blue help me out


Perblue I have no clue how to connect to google play I really want to switch servers can some one please tell me how to?


You don’t need to connect to Google Play to switch Servers.

To switch Servers, you need to do the following:

  1. Tap on your Avatar, the one in the bottom-left corner

  2. Under the Options Section, tap Accounts

  3. Once you’re in the Manage Accounts Area, scroll down until you see a button labeled "New Account"

  4. Once you’ve tapped it, just pick a Server of your choice, and you’re done!


But my account is at risk so it won’t let me


Tap on the ‘at risk’ button, then tap the 'connect" button next to the recovery method you want to use. A window will pop up asking you to either log into that account, or to use that account as the recovery method.


When I hit google play nothing happens it just exits me out of accounts then I try the same thing again and it happens again


:thinking: Hm, please send in a support ticket so they can do some more specific troubleshooting with you. Might be something with your device, but they’ll be able to help!


Thanks alot :slight_smile: and I will


Oh! I have this problem!! Diid you by any chance install this game through Amazon appstore??? Cuz that is why I assume ot doesnt work for me…


Nope on google play!


Hmm :thinking: weird… :confused: is it possible I could have connected long befire now??


Yep I really want to go to a server with more hero’s server ,14 is lacking!


Well, stay on that Server. S1-8 has too much Heroes. Too much Heroes means too much Grind. We have 49 Heroes in S1-8, do you really want to start over again?


Yep I do server14 is quite sad when it does do heroes


alright its still not working i , i feel as you cant but can you just switch me to another server thanks for reading perblue


but i feel as if any one can it might be you guys so please hel.p me out!


and thanks for reading perblue


wait so if i get my account demolished can you p ut me in another server?


so if i destroy my account can i choose a new server i would really like to know


If you do join server 8 so you can fight-- i mean chill with us in global :wink:


Interesting when I was at support someone said if I uninstall the game it would make me go to another server it didn’t :-\