PerBlue Out of Office 10/17 - 10/21

Thanks for the info! It’s nice to have you back in the thread @Loutre

I can’t get in to the game without updating, but it’s unclear here on the forums whether that’s going to lock me out. Is the update ok to proceed with?

Yes you can update the game is online again

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Thanks! Wanted to be sure so I didn’t get locked out.

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Alright then. You have fun and relax well!:+1:

It’s telling me to update but when I go to Amazon store there is no update, meaning I can’t log into the game.

I have a number of concerns that have cropped up, or have been exacerbated, lately, but this is at the top of my list.

I know that Amazon is sometimes slow to get the updated app into their store, but a couple of things you can try just to be thorough are to (1) use the search bar to look up “Disney Heroes Battle Mode” and bring up the app’s page that way (it’s weird, but in the Google Play store sometimes that’ll show the update when going to the app’s page from the game itself doesn’t), and (2) clear your app store cache.

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Enjoy your retreat! You guys deserve it.

Enjoy the break! Thanks for posting about the cap raise, we weren’t sure if it was happening.

Well, when you get back, refund my double coins, double xp, extra coins, and 10% extra stamina from buying a deal. I bought the update pack last night and activated my bonuses, but it won’t actually add the new badges for yellow 20 to my heroes. The game is broken since the update. I eve2tried reinstalling, so it’s on your end.

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