PerBlue, please review active player populations on servers 2-8

Hi There,

I run the Subreddit for Disney Heroe’s Battle Mode and recently ran an experiment on the sub to understand the population on Servers 1 to 12.

I am on server 7 and have really noticed how quiet public chats have become. Our leader board is littered with high end players that have quit and I (my guild and many in VIP chat) feel we desperately need more people on our sever to keep interest/competition up, especially in light of upcoming Guild Wars.

Below are the numbers gathered. Servers 2-8 could really do with some merging - 20k+ per server would be amazing.

Server # - Top 1% - Est # of active Players - Competition Type

  • Server 1: 210 - 21,000 - Fortify the Network
  • Server 2: 117 - 11,700 - Fortify the Network
  • Server 3: 112 - 11,200 - Fortify the Network
  • Server 4: 112 - 11,200 - Fortify the Network
  • Server 5: 92 - 9,200 - Fortify the Network
  • Server 6: 89 - 8,900 - Fortify the Network
  • Server 7: 70 - 7,000 - Fortify the Network
  • Server 8: 88 - 8,800 - Fortify the Network
  • Server 9: 200+ - 20,000+ - Shifting Seasons
  • Server 10: 208+ - 20,800+ - Shifting Seasons
  • Server 11: 190 - 19,000 - Shifting Seasons
  • Server 12: 193 - 19,300 - Shifting Seasons

TOTAL Est Population S1-12: 168,100


I’m on server 5 and agree 100%

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Same. S7 here. Global and Guild Chat is getting awfully quiet…

Server 5-8 going extinct soon

The populations on the servers is much, much larger than the numbers you have posted. We do care about player retention and the number of players on the servers each day, and those are important data points we monitor about the health of the game. Not all players participate in contests, and many aren’t active in chat either. I just took a look at the data, and none of the servers are dying and player numbers are good!


This is the first time that player retention has been brought up that I’ve seen for this game. I do know that when I brought it up about Portal Quest, Perblue did acknowledge that there was a retention issue. That’s the extent of how far that went.

Also to Polaris, my previous post wasn’t to be malicious or threatening. I was just stating facts of past experiences. I know my concerns about Portal Quest fell on deaf ears quite a bit or at least that’s what it seemed. It’s awesome that you can say hey the numbers are super, but without actual hard data being seen by the community they’ll be speculative. I know showing hard numbers isn’t in the realm of being done by Perblue but it’s worth a shot.

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I have accounts on a few servers just to keep up with deals and such, but going by the rankings, there are plenty of people…


Hi Polaris,

I would have expected that the players/accounts per server would be much much larger (maybe 100-200 fold) and I certainly didn’t want to imply that PerBlue don’t care about player retention - clearly it’s a primary focus for you guys. I also would’t go so far as to say that any server is dying.

I can only really speak for the players I interact with (very regular) on server 7 - we notice it getting quieter. I haven’t been recording top 1% for long but last week it was 65 and this week 70.

I think you’ll agree that the numbers quite accurately represent players that logged in over the course of a 3 day w/end competition and spent any stamina or diamonds. Well by that metric, servers 2-8 are roughly half as active as the others.

I’m just a customer providing feedback, you guys will ultimately do as you need.


Hey Reaper, yeah I have another account too for that purpose, it doesn’t really matter how many accounts are on a server if only a very small fraction participate in competitions and are active

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True. But to them I think active is counted as people logging in, meaning all the people that just sit and chat on global but don’t actually play

There are lots of players but on server 8 if you go to almost any top 200 guild you will see people that havent been active for 25+ days and chat does seem to be dieing alot more, sure there may be alot of player per server but how many acturly play?

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So the last discussion on this topic was October of last year. It’s now 8 months later and any type of new player growth is positively suffocated. It’s begun to look like a whale graveyard on Server 8. I am definitely going to call PerBlue out on this one now. If you’ve capped servers and have no way of allowing new players into older servers then you must consider merging servers. Otherwise this is textbook highway robbery by yet another greedy developer. If there’s no new blood added to a server system it stagnated and veterans grow old and bored and abandon the ship. This type of maturing then starts to build on itself exponentially as others notice the lack of activity and grow bored and abandon it as well. Those of us who have spent considerable amount of time as well as our money to the benefit of PerBlue building our mercs are now stuck in increasingly ghost town servers. Without the ability to transfer to a newer more vibrant server we are forced to sit and watch the slow rotting away of our current server from within. It leads to frustration and a negative interaction with a game we willingly embraced early on and in doing so provided a solid success financially for PerBlue. That PerBlue is willing to just stand there without making neccessary changes to keep servers active and an influx of fresh players circulating within them is a breach of the customer client contract. It’s sadly par for the course as every single dev I ever played a game from allows themselves to care less and less about customer experience and customer retention than it does for the money that can be made by instead adopting a model of no customer retention. Once devs realize there’s virtually no oversight or real policing of the digital app markets, they begin to embrace a culture that eschews the customary client /customer relationship for one that just simple uses the customer takes their money and then increasingly ignores their needs or issues with their product. There’s no one set up to ensure good business practices are being followed in the new digital app markets which means no penalties or punishment for doing whatever they like and letting greedy take over which just tramples over any former sense of moral compass in how they treat their customers. Server death is very real and it’s happening do please don’t regale us with statements about how many active players there are in each server because playing the game it’s obvious things are sliding into an extinction on the older servers. It would be really nice for once if a Dev actually remembered the ideals and their commitment to providing fun games to customers in exchange for their money that they likely had when they first started instead of just looking at numbers rather than the real people those numbers represent. Please do the right thing and address the maturing old servers by merging or opening the maximum caps on them for new blood to join…


While I value your input and thoughts about merging servers, I would ask that you not throw around generalization about PerBlue that aren’t true. We do care about the player base. We do embrace community feedback on features, and often make game changes based on that feedback. We have a dedicated Community Support team who answer questions and addresses player concerns. Our primary goal is NOT to take all your money, in any way we can, and run to the bank, without a care about your experience.

Getting to the topic about active player population. It isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. We actively monitor server data - daily users, user retention, etc. - and it hasn’t gone off the cliff. We have a long-term roadmap that takes into consideration ways to help to maintain and improve the player populations on the older servers. We’re not going to abandon the older servers just because they get old and we do have plans (that I can’t share, because they’re still in the future and under development). We do care about the health of the game servers and are planning to ensure the success of the game in the long-term.


Ohhhh, I can’t wait to see the plans for older servers. I’ve also seen a slight decline in players, but I’m sure perblue and you have some good idea to help fix this.

Notwithstanding my comments regarding the environment that has evolved or rather de-evolved in the digital app markets it is a well known fact that devs across the board begin with all the best intentions and the ideals of quality product at a good price with a mindfulness toward good customer service… Basic Golden rule m.o. just like pretty much all of modern humanity was raised with as children. But a lack of oversight quickly has diluted and eventually polluted those ideals and everytime it happens it follows the same roadmap. Agressive nerfing, sudden substantial reductions in rewards and ramped up intensity and requirements to achieve those rewards. All hallmarks of the devs descent into greed driven products that trade in on customers good faith expectations in return providing less and less both in terms of product as well as in terms of any communication. The iron curtain of silence descends and then it’s just an all out grab for cash while racing against the clock before all the players realize they are being taken for a ride and finally wise up and then it’s not long before that game sunsets…I have watched it happen over and over with every single mobile game ive played and I’ve been on the app market playing since 2008 with my giant brick att tilt phone. Now if you want to tell us that’s not Perblue’s position and future plans, I’m willing to extend the courtesy of belief despite it going against the grain of everysingle gaming experience on mobile apps I’ve ever had which are many. But when you rail against my speculation on the direction this is all heading(and it’s just my educated opinion here, I’m not organizing group caravans to protest outside Perblue’s offices so let’s keep some perspective please) but the actions PerBlue is taking i.e. very significant reductions in event prizes across the board(I mean the drop in the before and after is beyond ridiculous. From 10 diamond crates to 15 single badges of an item that requires 50 to craft?? Has no one at PerBlue heard of leveling down in steps to prevent shock or in this case outrage?), All of course after just recently increasing the efforts needed to achieve the awards which at the time was stated would go hand in hand with increased rewards. Seriously did PerBlue also create the framework for the Republican tax law revisions as well? Because it’s not matching what was described prior to. And then there’s the consistent nerfing of mercs that all of course mean a significant increase in res to do anything. I realize like most do that some tweaks and adjustments are neccessary and that as a business PerBlue relies on a consistent flow of revenue to keep up a consistent game experience. But when you start implementing massive changes that require significantly more money from the players side while simultaneously significantly reducing the returns of that money in rewards it feels like there’s little to no thought toward how this affects the players experience, when it’s obvious that the ambitious scale that these changes have been implemented would cause some dissatisfaction among the player base. The swing in rewards given is absolutely obnoxious and that alone is cause for concern that this is just going the way of every other dev in their descent into greed. I would not have brought those experiences up as a comparison of it weren’t for the fact that PerBlue has started exhibiting an embrace of that exact same roadmap. So with all due respect Polaris your claims to the contrary are standing in opposition with the very real and apparent actions PerBlue has been taking as of late. This isn’t conspiracy theory run amok and a disgruntled player looking to create bad press for something he feels slighted over. This is actual relevant things that PerBlue is clearly engaging in that follow a very specific playbook, and I’ve seen this show too many times not to at least stand up and voice some concern.

In regards to your comments about the stagnation not being as bad or as rampant as was started to be reported as early as LAST OCTOBER… While I appreciate your claims again to the contrary the truth is my day to day experience is quite different. And in speaking with other guild leaders as I wanted to make sure my suspicions weren’t just an anomaly on my part first before coming here to seek some answers, I found that their experiences have increasingly matched my own. I took a random sample of 50 players one choosen from each of the top 50 guilds in my server… The average number of days playing for them was 352… That’s not too far off the mark for how long the game has been live… And that was the average!! Thinking maybe the top 50 would be skewed to more veteran players I ran the same experiment again choosing 50 players from the guilds ranked 50-100 at random and the average days playing was 344… That tells me that our server has essentially been locked down since it filled up nearly a year ago… Now how long do you think Polaris that these original players are going to keep playing your game especially after the recent nerfing and res needs increased??? For most casual players I’d say a year is the high side of continued play and we are well past that. That leaves the remaining committed core to sit and dwindle as more and more drop off. Please don’t claim the vibrancy of a server thats been sealed off for nearly if not a year now as having little change. If your not willing or can’t share the statistics and data you claim to have on hand that refute my observations then they are quite worthless and don’t warrant mentioning. I’m not calling you a liar I’m simply saying that we live in a world where facts can be proven quite easily so if you offer them the expectations are that you can provide proof of them or they don’t really matter much to people.
More over to the point I’m lead a top 20 guild and yet I’ve had about 43 members and slowly dropping for weeks now. With some of my players not even active for weeks now. And I’m not alone. I think currently maybe 6 of the top clans are at full capacity. And that’s the new normal. You mean to tell me that a server with thousands of players has at least 14 of the very best and most sought after guilds with vacant spots most of which have several or more not just 1 or 2!!?! It’s only the past few months that this has begun happening and its directly attributable to player maturization and the resulting server extinction. It is real and it is happening now. So while I appreciate your assurances that plans are in place to address this issue that you also claim isn’t an issue which is rather ironic, then I would kindly request that PerBlue seriously ramps up it’s time frame for implementation. Because that issue that’s not really an issue is REALLY an issue.

In closing I’m not attacking you Polaris though I’m sure it may seem otherwise. I actually appreciate your response, it gave me hope actually that my fears may not yet come true with this game. However I’m very honest and forward in my conversations and people sometimes mistake that kind of direct and plain communication as intense and attacking when it’s just meant as a simple means to reach a solution to an issue. I will say however that much of what you say isn’t matching up with in game experiences at least on my server. And I’ve provided proof of that that supports my observations. If you want to make a compelling narrative that shows that’s not the case I would welcome some legitimate reciprocation in that regard. In any event I do at least appreciate your response if nothing else.


@Polaris… I hope u don’t take this the wrong way, but have u actually looked at the amount of guilds that are made of inactive players? And I’m talking more then 3 weeks, not just a few days. It’s astonishing (demigodz, and among others). If u would remove all these inactive guilds from the server , I think the numbers u are reviewing would be more representative of what is going on! If the numbers are as great as u say they are why do top guilds on server three for example have hard time filling up and have people wanting to quit? Honestly the grind of the game to get certain badges is making more people want to quit, and strategizing which toons to spend the resources on could be fun as u say it is, but not when it requires so much and rarer to obtain such badges especially after nerfing rewards in invasion (particularly the stamania packs). Although we appreciate your support team, there have been plenty of times they didn’t actually answer our questions, but just copied and pasted information from here that was not relevant to our questions or just closed our ticket saying they can’t help me further. Would just be nice to have real answers instead of corporate cue cards is all I think most would appreciate.

I’m on server 1 and even here chats have died a bit

Thanks for your response.

A lot of time has passed since I first post this topic, and on Server 7, active players* have dropped to less than half of what they were in my original post. Current competition 1% is at 27 players, and by the end of the comp we’ll be lucky if it gets to 35.

I’m enjoying the game and I think we can hold out for a little longer but I do hope we see a server merge in the future - I just can’t see anything outside of this that would satisfy people who are competitive/very active.

*by active players - I mean people that take part in competitions. I don’t really include all those that don’t as they are not visible to the active players on the server.


Our 1% contest cutoff on S3 is at rank 46 - again, that’s WAY less than what it was. Before the slew of recent updates, many of which were not well received, it was around rank 70. Go back a few months and it was well over 100. VIP chat can often be read back as far as a day!

It’s sad to see, and makes contests terribly difficult to achieve rank rewards, since those dedicated remaining players are also likely those who have spent a lot.

I hope whatever is in the works will help bring back some activity to older servers :slight_smile: