Perblue we need to talk

The game in my opinion and many others will not survive at its current economy structure with badge costs and gold cost to craft said badges continuing to rise, plus level skills, the rewards in game do not go up exponentially.
cause the contest rewards are just not cutting it anymore they are beyond outdated for how many heroes are in the game.

Plus why is yellow 15 still using purple!!! Badges I mean let the purple ones die already geez.
Badge maps are beyond complicated to craft said badges needing wayyyyyyy to many badge bits to craft them.

Also I know we’re not supposed to max every hero but in the current economy you can’t even max 3 heroes on skills/mods/discs let alone 15. It’s truly taking the fun out of the game.

Invasion is a whole another animal the rewards their haven’t gone up in ages they are still extremely outdated compared to the current game.
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We’re already working on ways to improve the yellow rank, economy and others.


What about red skills, it has most insane costs which cannot be evaded.

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We’re including more ways to get red skills that was one of the focuses for the Battle Pass.

As for now, it’s nowhere enough. :woman_shrugging: (unless it will be increased 10 times)

It would be good to update epic CW, red skill chips crates, and elite red skill chips event.

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What about guild crates they should offer red and orange badges now instead of blue purple and greens

Also when will war rewards get a boost finally
The base line is there the rewards just need proper scaling again relative to server level cap like it used to be

Also when will the new servers get megabit crate items in contests like older servers

Also on the team who makes the decisions on which badges to give to each heroes cause the distribution of badges is also a big issue tbh so many badges I have 10k+ of cause they are never used in any crafting of badges

We also need to talk about trash deals
Like the hero deals give 6,600 red skill chips but not enough hero chips… 120 hero chips is not gonna do for the amount of red chips… and that’s only for that deal… many other deals have issues too I heard and I usually agree with

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People also need a new refreshed contest mode.
Why you are forcing FTN with diamonds and stamina?
It is out of mode.
Also, nobody are not stupid here, let look at in eyes. You decrease value of points on spending diamonds. Earlier you need around 5000 to reach 3/5, nowdays 10.000 cover 3/5.
That is fact, if someone dont believe can check in rankings how many people get 5/5.
I m from January, 2022 on 1/5 and ranked in top100 players.

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