PerBlue Winter Break Dates

Hello everyone! We’re starting our Winter Break on Friday 12/16 and coming back into the office on Monday 1/2! We’ll have people on call throughout this time to make sure nothing catches fire though so no worries there!

Hope everyone has a great week and Holiday!


I just finished my classes for this semester and I’m just enjoying my winter break

Enjoy yalls winter break

Any chance for a quick tomorrow section of questions which might be answered way later? So that we can have Q&A funny and without stressful questions?

Nope, we’ve decided to only do the Live Q&A this time to let the devs focus more on work.

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Enjoy the winter break! UwU :cat:! Merry early Christmas!! :santa:t2::snowflake::snowman_with_snow::skier:

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Have a good time and Merry Christmas!

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Have a fun winter break! (I am not on break yet :cry:)


So you’re back huh?

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