Perry The Platypus (Phineas and Ferb, 2007-2015)

Perry The Platypus (Phineas & Ferb, 2007-2015)

Description: This semi-aquatic, egg laying mammal of action can jump into the fray without being spotted by onlookers.)

Stars: :star2:

Trial Team: Yellow

Role: Damage

Doesn’t Speak

Position: Front

First Appearance: Phineas and Ferb (2007-2015)

Basic Animations:

Entrance: Perry will kick open a door and get into fighting position

Basic Attack: :star: (Perry will throw his fedora at the farthest opponent (acting like a boomerang) dealing 547 fantastic damage.)

Victory: Perry will salute

Defeat: Agent P will turn into Perry


White Skill: Platypus Punch :facepunch: (Perry will jump into the middle of the other team and will start punch the 3 people closest to him, each dealing 721 normal damage. Perry will then stay in the middle of the other team and will use his fists for the rest of the battle.)

Green Skill: Keister Kick (Perry will kick an opponents buttocks, stunning them for 7 seconds. This attack will also work in the middle of the opponents.)

Blue Skill: Hovering Hat :sparkles: (Perrys basic attack now deals 2547 fantastic damage. The animation for the skill is Perry dusting off his hat.)

Purple Skill: Jump into the Fray (If not using auto…) Perry will have a choice whether he wants to jump back into his teams layout, or stay in the middle. There will be arrows looking like this :arrow_left::arrow_right:.)

Red Skill: A Fighting Fish (Perrys Platypus Punch now stuns opponents for x times longer.

Perry also gain X HP the longer he’s in the middle.)

Friendship Campaigns:

Perry The Platypus and Phineas Flynn

“A Walk in the Park”

Phineas is taking Perry for a walk, but Dr. Doofenshmirtz is wreaking havoc on the city. So, Perry has to decide whether to blow his cover, or do nothing.

Allies: Snow White, Chip & Dale, and Flik

Perry The Platypus and Kim Possible

“Undercover Agents”

Perry and Kim are both accidentally assigned to the same mission.

Allies: Ron Stoppable, Elastigirl, Stitch

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