Pete Character Concept

Quote: “Get Out of the Way, You Fools!”
Stars: :star:
Role: Tank
Position: Front
Entrance: Pete Stomps Into the Battlefield, Getting Ready to Strike His Fists.
Victory: Pete Happily Cheers and Stomps His Feet Causing the Floor to Have Cracks.
Defeat: Pete Gives the Enemies an Angry Look and Stomps Away From the Battlefield.
White: Stomping Power Pete Stomps His Feet Having the Floor to Have Cracks While Throwing a Tantrum.
Green: Yelling Mad Pete Yells Very Loudly at All Enemies Causing Their Ears to Bleed.
Blue: Throwing Match Pete Throws Cars at the Enemies and Making Them Get Hurt.
Purple: Move Out of the Way! Pete Pushes His Enemies Away So He Can Have More Enemies.
Red: Losing Temper
Pete and Mickey: Making Movies
Pete and Hook: Evil Plans

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