Pete green, red skill Korean translation error

first red rectangle: ‘50%’(X) → ‘855’ (O)
second red rectangle: ‘855’(X) → ‘50%’ (O)

The text order is reversed.

‘데미지’(X) → ‘트루 데미지’(O)
‘트루 데미지’ means ‘True Damage’.
‘데미지’ is not an incorrect expression… But ‘트루 데미지’ is more appropriate.
Because, in the skill descriptions of other heroes, ‘True Damage’ was specified as ‘트루 데미지’.

so its like he has a 50% Shield HP and 855 Attack Speed?

yes. If Pete’s level is 290, he’ll have an insane speed :joy:


Me acabo de imaginar a Pete con una velocidad de ataque de 30.000.000 :rofl:

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