Phineas and Ferb concept

Phineas and Ferb concept

Stars at beginning: :star2: :star2:
Role: Control
Position: Back
Team: Red


White skill: Baseball launcher :sparkles:
Phineas and Ferb launch ball from baseball launcher, hitting the furthest enemy dealing damage and stunning for 8 seconds, the ball then bounces around enemies 6 times, hitting random enemies, dealing damage and stunning for 3 seconds.

Green skill: On a Rollercoaster :sparkles:
At the start of combat, Phineas and Ferb drives on rollercoaster into enemies, dealing damage, stunning them for 3 seconds and reducing enemy’s reality by 60% for 10 seconds.

Blue skill: Time traveling boys
Phineas and Ferb get on their time travel machine and gone from battlefield, they back little later. Any damage received from last 7 seconds is removed, and Phineas and Ferb gain HP equal to received damage on those last 7 seconds.
Phineas and Ferb also have 50% chance to dodge attacks from enemies for next 5 seconds.
CD: 13 seconds

Purple skill: Smart boys
Phineas and Ferb’s basic attacks study enemies for 5 seconds. Phineas and Ferb stuns studied enemy when damaging them for 3 seconds and also remove all buffs.
Studied enemies receive 100% more damage from all sources.

Red skill: The daily idea
The ball which hit enemies during ‘‘Baseball launcher’’ also reduce their movement speed by 60% and their attack speed reduced by 40% for 15 seconds.

Enemies slowed by any source have reduced armor by 50%.

Reduction of armor is smaller on enemies higher than X level.

Extra boosts:

  • more damage per hit from ‘‘Baseball launcher’’
  • more skill power
  • more HP


Merlin - Lizard and the wand

During creation of another thing with Merlin they noticed that Merlin’s wand is missing. Quickly they spotted Randall outside of Merlin’s place laughing and telling that he will take revenge on Sulley, Boo and Mike and turns invicible. Boys and Merlin quickly teleported to Mike and warns him than Randall plans to revenge on him. On their eyes Mike turns into squirrel and Phineas, Ferb and Merlin were knocked back by Randall’s tail. Phineas knew that Randall have huge advance because of his invicible skills and planned to make special glasses which will allow to see invicible things. Merlin decide to go to Sulley and Boo to try warn them before Randall gets them. Later on central park with new creation Phineas was able to spot Randall, Sulley instructed by Phineas tips to find Randall punched and KO’ed him. Merlin turns Mike back to normal and Judy tries to take Randall to police stadion, just to see Randall again gone, park was filled with Randall’s laugh.


Targeting invisible enemies

  • Phineas and Ferb’s basic damage also deal X true damage
  • Phineas and Ferb now can hit invisible enemies, and prefer to target them.
  • Invisible enemies receive 50% (+50% per star) more damage from all sources

Dash - The greatest school homework

Dash asked for help Phineas and Ferb to build something crazy for school experiment for his science homework. Each time they make something creeps destroy all their work. On deadline Dash decide to build classic soda volcano, Phineas wasn’t happy about it but lack of time and creeps keep destryoing all their buildings and machines agrees, but to make it big. In school was also Heinz Doofenshmirtz dressed as school kid showing his inator, but once again he losed again due to Dash’s soda volcano, Heinz yells at the kids and frustrated shot a laser to soda volcano, just to make it a real volcano, with lava! Everyone evacuate from school, unexpectedly, teacher decide that Dash’s homework was best and give him A+ grade.


Burning '‘Baseball launcher’'

  • Extra skill power
  • Each shot from ‘‘Baseball launcher’’ also deal X burning damage for 5 seconds
  • Bounced ball stuns 0.7s longer (+0.7s per star)

You should do concepts on perry the platupus and on doctor doofenshmirtz perry would fit since he is an agent and doofenshmirtz is known to be bad but later reformed in milo s murphy laws he can use his intors and turn into doctor zone since doofenshmirtz is doctor zone

Make a concept of brandy and Mr whiskers

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The only thing I think could’ve gotten improve is that they should’ve gotten a friendship with Huey, Dewey, & Louie

Max. is 2 friendships.

I know but still we probably would get a HDL friendship over Dash but Dash is fine

People if anyone is Phineas and ferbs friend it’s perry

Please, don’t revive dead topics.

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