Perry the Platypus

Perry the Platypus concept

Stars at the beginning: :star2: :star2:
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Team: Red

Entrance: Perry jumps from above into his position, gets to his battle position and looks around.
Victory: Perry salutes and flies away using his jetpack.
Defeat: Perry takes out his fedora and simulates a normal domestic platypus.

Quote: “Chatters’’

Basic attack: Perry punches closest enemies

White skill: Australian Kick :fist: (normal damage)
Perry’s attack speed increases by 100% for 8 seconds, then he kicks the closest foes to him twice, dealing X damage with each kick. Kicked enemies are knocked back for long distance and gets stunned for 10 seconds.

Green skill: On Eye
On the start of each wave, Perry applies ‘‘On Eye’’ status on enemy with the highest HP.
Enemies with ‘‘On Eye’’ has a 15% chance to be immediately KO’d when receiving damage from any source. Enemies with ‘‘On Eye’’ loses X basic damage.

This effect is moved to the closest character when the last one with the effect gets KO’d.
Enemies are never able to ignore ‘‘On Eye’’, ignores evasion, passives, and other effects.

Against Mama Bot: Instead of immediately KO’ing, the bot will receive 100% more damage from all sources.

The chance of immediately KO enemy is reduced on enemies above level X.

Blue Skill: Handy Gadgets :sparkles: (fantastic damage)
Perry uses a laser from his watch, dealing X damage to enemies and applying to them 2 stacks of fatigue.
The closest enemy’s armor and reality are reduced to 0 for 5 seconds.

The armor and reality reduction has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Purple skill: Agent P
Allies receive Precise for 4 seconds for every 3rd shield applied on them. Allies dodge first buff removal from any source while having Precise on them, allies can dodge it once every 15 seconds.

Allies with Precise gain X skill power.

Red skill: The Furry Fury
‘‘Handy Gadgets’’ now additionally reduces basic damage by 50% and skill power by 60% on enemies affected by that skill for 8 seconds.
Perry the Platypus has a 40% chance to dodge an enemy’s basic attack or skill.

Perry’s and allies’ basic attacks and attacking skills deal additionally 2% damage equal to target’s HP.

Extra damage has a chance to fail on allies above level X.

Additional stat boosts:



Darkwing Duck - Gadgets of Quest


More Precise

  • +X HP
  • +X BD
  • Allies with Precise deals additionally X true damage
  • Precise is applied at the beginning of the wave to all allies for 3 seconds (+1 second per star)
  • Precise is randomly applied to ally once every 7 seconds; this Precise lasts for 4 seconds (+1 second per star

Kim Possible - Perfect Disguise


Improved ‘‘On Eye’’ effect

  • +X armor
  • +X reality
  • Enemies with ‘‘On Eye’’ loses X armor
  • The chance of immediately KO’ing an enemy with ‘‘On Eye’’ is increased by 4% (+4% per star)
  • When the enemy with ‘‘On Eye’’ is KO’d Perry and his allies receive invincibility for 0.8 seconds (+0.8 second per star)

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I love this skill idea but the description is soooo long. Maybe change the effect of ‘On Eye’ to avoid going into detail about Mama Bots.

Was this meant to be ‘The Furry Fury’?

Overall it’s a great concept :+1:

Oh, comparing to some other skill description of mine, this one is short :eyes:


The reason I asked is that Fury is a noun so it wouldn’t make sense if it was before Furry. I suppose it may have been deliberate.

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Changed :thinking:

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