Phineas and Ferb hero concepts


Stars: :star:
Role: Damage
Position: Mid
Team Color: Red

“Ferb, I know what we’re gonna do today!”

Entrance: Phineas pulls out his Baseball Launcher from his back.
KO: Phineas’ Baseball Launcher breaks, his smile turns into a frown disappointed from the defeat.
Victory: Phineas jumps with joy. Raising both his hands in the air.

Basic Attack: Phineas fires a baseball with his Baseball Launcher
White: (ITS A HOME RUN!) Phineas controls the baseball with his Baseball Launcher, bouncing between enemies for 5 seconds dealing X damage per hit.
Green: (POSITIVITY) Phineas gets inspired by his positive and enthusiastic attitude making him deal 2X more damage and attack speed.
Blue: (BROBOTS) Phineas creates a Phinedroid and a Ferbot which attacks the strongest enemy dealing X damage.
Purple: (BIG IDEAS) When the White Skill is activated, Phineas has a chance of summoning his Rollercoaster which rams into all enemies knocking them back and stuns them for 5 seconds if survived. Deals X damage.

FRIENDSHIPS: Ferb and Hiro Hamada

Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

Stars: :star::star:
Role: Control
Position: Back
Team Color: Red

“BEHOLD… The Paper Cut-inator!”

Entrance: Doofenshmirtz pushes his Paper Cut-inator into the battlefield.
KO: Doofenshmirtz accidentally presses the self-destruct button on his Inator.
Victory: Doofenshmirtz crosses his arms while smiling from the victorious battle.

Basic Attack: Dr. Doofenshmirtz fires a sharp folded piece of paper with his Paper Cut-inator.
White: (LOTS OF ME!) Doofenshmirtz uses his Repulse-inator, temporarily disabling all enemies for X seconds by turning them into mindless repulsive pharmacists. This skill would also cause the enemies’ power to drain.
Green: (NASTY SCRATCH) Doofenshmirtz has a chance of firing a larger piece of sharp folded paper dealing twice the damage than the ordinary paper cut. This skill will also make enemies bleed for 5 seconds causing them to lose HP over time.
Blue: (HI! I’M NORM) Doofenshmirtz calls the attention of his robot Norm. Norm flies above the battlefield and crashes into the enemy team damaging all enemies by X each.
Purple: (THE WALKING DOOF) When Doofenshmirtz’s White Skill gets activated, 5 mindless repulsive pharmacists with X HP (depending on skill level) enters the battlefield damaging enemies and protecting your team until they get defeated.

FRIENDSHIPS: Perry the Platypus and Syndrome

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Stars: :star:
Role: Support
Position: Mid
Team Color: Red

“Calm down, girls. Have you forgotten who we are? We’re Fireside Girls Troop 46231, and we never give up!”

Entrance: Isabella enters the battlefield wearing her casual white shirt and pink bowtie and dress. She changes into her Fireside Girls uniform by pressing the belt button attached on her pink dress.
KO: Isabella would look like a total mess. Her hair would be messy, her uniform will be full of rips, and her face will be covered with a bruise. She falls down in a somewhat similar manner to how Elastigirl falls when KO’ed.
Victory: Isabella poses similar to the way she and the Fireside Girls pose on the end of the “The Fireside Girls” song played at the “Isabella and the Temple of Sap” episode.

Basic Attack: Isabella whips an enemy with her sash.

White: (TROOP TRAMPLE) Isabella calls for the aid of all 6 Fireside Girls in her troop shown above. Each Fireside Girl has X HP (depends on skill level) and will whip enemies with their sashes.
Green: (WHATCHA DOIN’?) Isabella charms the enemy team with her cuteness. Stunning them for 4 seconds. When Phineas is in your team, her skill will have a longer duration stunning the entire enemy team for 8 seconds.
Blue: (LOVESTRUCK) Isabella pulls out a picture of Phineas and looks at it. She becomes inspired dealing 3X more speed and damage.
Purple: (LOYAL SISTERHOOD) “FANTASTIC DAMAGE” When White Skill is activated, 50% chances all 6 Fireside Girls in Isabella’s troop will be armed with Baseball Launchers when summoned. Isabella also becomes armed with a Baseball Launcher and will last until all 6 Fireside Girls have been defeated.

FRIENDSHIPS: Phineas and Violet

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Stars: :star::star:
Role: Tank
Position: Front
Team Color: Red

thumbs up

Entrance: Ferb casually walks into the battlefield and pulls out a wrench.
KO: Ferb’s wrench gets knocked off his hand. He then just stands there and blinks.
Victory: Ferb simply does a thumbs up while looking at the screen.

Basic Attack: Ferb throws a wrench at an emeny.
White Skill: (SILENT BUILDER) Ferb builds a long stretch of wall with X HP protecting your entire team from incoming attacks.
Green: (HANDY WITH TOOLS) Ferb has a 50% chance of throwing a mallet which deals 20% more damage.
Blue: (THE FAST AND THE PHINEAS) Ferb uses a remote control to drive the stock car he and his step-brother made into all enemies. He also puts it in reverse which rams all enemies again dealing X damage to all enemies for both forward and reverse.
Purple: (ENGINEER) Ferb builds a giant shield once every wave and will deflect damage until destroyed. Ferb also heals his allies with 20 HP for every damage deflected.

FRIENDSHIPS: Eve and Felix

Perry the Platypus

Stars: :star:
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Team Color: Red


Entrance: Perry enters the battlefield in his mindless pet mode. He then puts on his hat then stands on his hind legs.
KO: Perry gets knocked back rendering him unconscious.
Victory: Perry takes out his grappling hook and disappears to the sky.

Basic Attack: Perry punches and kicks the nearest enemy
White: (PLATYJITSU) Perry performs a series of martial arts moves on an enemy which deals X damage.
Green: (HIGH-TECH WATCH) Using his watch, Perry opens a hologram of Major Monogram while taking a bath which blinds the entire enemy team for 5 seconds.
Blue: (TAIL WHIP) Perry whips an enemy with his tail which knocks them back and dealing X damage.
Purple: (FEDORA TOSS) Perry’s fedora boomerangs between enemies which deals X damage. His fedora could also make the entire enemy team bleed making them lose a serious amount of health for a certain period of time.

FRIENDSHIPS: Judy Hopps and Darkwing


Add a Pic please

I was trying to add a pic of Phineas, but it keeps telling me that “I cannot put images in a post”

I like this! It just needs a few fixes and it’s perfect

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I learned this from a good former, but use % instead of x2.
Like, Phineas’ attack deals 50% more damage, just for an example.

It is because you have not reached the trust level of member. Either way the concept is incomplete. It is missing a red skill and friendships. I am assuming it is your first one, so it is pretty good.

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Yes it is, I was also planning concepts for Ferb, Isabella, Agent P, and Dr. Doofenshmirtz as well. I could also make a concept for Candace since she’s also involved in battles and big stuff in the show.

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always specify the number of seconds

same thing as above also the Purple skill does not do any new animation

When I first made a concept, I was x50 worse than this lol

Good idea. But was thinking of a concept where the duration of certain skills will last longer when you level them up

that is an idea for sure, but usually friendship disk add an additional like 2-5 seconds per star on disk of something. other than that, the amount of seconds stays the same

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