Piglet For Disney Heroes Battle Mode: Part 2


Ok Walt, you will help me with the skills. Ima start with white his white is “PIGLET OINK” he makes a loud oink, scaring enemies and damaging them 456 damage.


And you can do blue and purpke


I meant Purple !!!


Green would be where he uses his scarf and swings it at the enemies! And gives them and gives them damage and for three seconds


Oops I did green! Sorry


You realize you can edit posts, right?


Yeah I do know robot


Ok, now I do blue and purple


His blue would be “SCARF THROW” he throws his scarf giving them 261 damage, finally, purple, anytime his uses scarf throw, he grants his allies 312 skill power until they used their active.


And, Search in Tigger For Disney Heroes Battle Mode: Part 3


Plz edit!!! Edits save lives! :grin:


Edited it, better? Or no better?


Like just add on to your previous posts instead of making new ones. We can worry about grammar later :grin:


Ok? My amigo, I can show some screenshots


I’m just curious (:blus


I don’t really know how she would work but who knows only perblue let’s hope


Piglet is a he!!! Positive on this one!!!



do not care. They call him a he throughout the show.


Oh oh oh deer
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