Pikachu, I Choose You! (Pikachu Hero Concept)


:star::star:, Damage, Mid-Line
Team Trials: Yellow
Quote: ”Pika Pika!”
Bio: Pikachu can take down the Creeps with his Electric-Type moves and his strength.


Entrance: Pikachu runs into his position

Victory: Pikachu jumps up and down happily
Defeat: Pikachu frowns and cries
Basic Attack: Pikachu hits an enemy, dealing X damage.


White Skill: Catastropika
Normal Damage :fist:

Passive: When Pikachu’s energy is full, his attacks will do 30% more damage for 7 seconds.

Active: Pikachu will jump up, charge up his electricity and roll, then roll into the 3 closest enemies, dealing X damage, knockback, and stunning the enemies for 10 seconds. (Stun may fail if enemy level is above Level Y.)

Green Skill: Thunderbolt

Pikachu will strike the 2 farthest enemies with a bolt of lightning, dealing X damage and silencing them for 9 seconds.

Blue Skill: Electro Ball

Pikachu will charge up an electric ball on his tail, then jump up and launch it at the 2 nearest enemies, dealing X damage and knockback.

Purple Skill: Shocking Shockwaves

“Electro Ball” deals 65% more damage.

Red Skill: Ecstatic Electricity

“Thunderbolt” deals 75% more damage.

Additional Boosts:

  • +X Max HP
  • Pikachu’s basic attack deals 50% more damage.
  • +X Reality for Pikachu and his allies.


Campaign: Zapped Up
Campaign Story: Megavolt and Pikachu look for the elusive “Lightning Lightbulb,” only to find out that Creeps have taken it!
Disk: Lightning Lightbulb
Catastropika deals 65% more damage
Allies: Scrooge McDuck, Maximus, Jumba

Pikachu/Flynn Rider

Campaign: Conductor Catastrophe
Campaign Story: Flynn Rider has a test to see which objects Pikachu can electrocute, but things go terribly wrong.
Disk: TM01
Pikachu’s basic attack deals 70% more damage
Allies: Angel, Honey Lemon, Stitch

Well, that’s my concept. Hope you enjoyed and i’ll see you next time! :slightly_smiling_face:


Feedback is appreciated, I want to do anything to improve my skills as a concept maker, so thank you to anyone that gives any feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

As I see it, it’s good. I’ll give more feedback later. :slightly_smiling_face:

As far i remember tm01 is for focus punch or hone claws

I like this concept of yours… Really fascinating.

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